Year by year



In Hungary, in 2018, about 80 types of Béres products were available on the market in more than 150 pack sizes. We further strengthened our position in the market of health care products, Béres products are market leaders in the segment of immune-boosting products, vitamin C, complex multivitamin, mineral composition and trace elements products, and of the products for arthritis and eye health. Our product portfolio was extended by several new dietary supplement products, and by Béres Magnesium 375 mg, and Béres Drops Forte with increased iron and zinc content.


On 25 September, a new manufacturing plant was opened at our premises in Szolnok. Within the framework of this investment, in a 2500 m2 area, we built a state-of-the-art quality control laboratory fitted to the highest standards, expanded our research and development base, and created a production area that establishes the conditions for the manufacture of additional products.


In Romania, four new products — two vitamin C and two vitamin D products — were launched in the market, whereas in Ukraine we expanded our portfolio by 5 products.


For the period ending with the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020, we concluded a cooperation agreement with the Hungarian Olympic Committee.


In its 2018 QUDAL survey, Swiss-based ICERTIAS asked respondents to name the dietary supplement manufacturer that provides the highest quality standard in the Hungarian market. It was Béres Pharmaceuticals that was awarded the QUDAL (QUality meDAL) 2018/19 by the consumers.


In 2018, Béres Pharmaceuticals won the Provident Social Benefit Award. According to the reasoning of the Board of Trustees that awards the recognition, with its high-quality innovative products, fair business conduct and responsible attitude towards society, our company can serve as an example to other Hungarian businesses.


In August 2018, Dr. József Béres, President of Béres Pharmaceuticals, was bestowed the Title of Honorary Citizen by the town of Szolnok.


In the category of sciences, the Fair Play Committee of the Hungarian Olympic Committee awarded dr. József Béres, President of Béres Pharmaceuticals and Klára Béres, Communications Director of the company, a Trophy.


In 2018, our company established an award called “Béres Award for Szolnok’s Culture” in order to recognize young artists, art and cultural associations related to the city.


For the second time, Béres Pharmaceuticals joined the health screening programme organized by the Géza Hetényi Hospital and the Local Government of Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County, supporting the initiative by product donations worth nearly HUF 1.5 million this time.


In June, for the events organized by the Somogy county organization of the Hungarian Red Cross, Béres Pharmaceuticals provided the product Vas VITAL to voluntary blood-donors.


In 2018, Béres Alapítvány a Teljes Életért (Béres Foundation For a Full Life) celebrated its 25th anniversary. On the occasion of the anniversary, in May, the Foundation organized a charity concert at the Liszt Academy, the total revenue of which was donated to the Hungarian Paediatric Oncology Network.


In connection with World Cancer Day, Béres Foundation donated Béres Drops in a value exceeding HUF 30 million to promote the healing of cancer patients.


In 2018, once again, the Béres Foundation helped those in need with a substantial product donation. The donation of medical products — with a market value of about HUF 50 million — providing increased protection for the immune system already reached the recipients by Christmas.


The Béres Foundation supported the winners of the “Medical Practice of the Year in the Carpathian Basin” competition with Béres Drops products worth HUF 3 million.


On 26 April, at the Danube Palace, József Béres launched the consolidated, expanded edition of his songbook “Szép magyar ének” (Beautiful Hungarian songs), and the documentary of Katalin Petényi and Barna Kabay based on this book also premiered here.


The photo exhibition of Maria de Faykod, a Hungarian-born sculptor living in France, arrived to Budapest in the spring of 2018, thanks to the Béres Foundation, which was staged and open to the public first at the Vigadó, and, as the last stop, in the Knights’ Hall of the St Stephan's Basilica.




There are about 100 types of Béres products in 230 different forms of packaging. The popularity of Béres products continued to increase in 2017, and their position strengthened on the health-preserving and self-medication market in Hungary. We were market leaders on the market of immune system strengthening products, vitamin C products, complex multivitamin, mineral, trace element products and joint protection products, and we also gained market leadership among the eye protection vitamin products. In 2017, Béres VitaKid C+D3 chewing tablets and Calcium 800 mg were launched.


In 2017 a new factory building and a new warehouse were constructed as a greenfield investment, inaugurated on 21 September in the presence of Viktor Orbán, Prime Minister of Hungary. In this development project more than 1,000 square metres of GMP certified production area was constructed, increasing the total operating area to 3,800 m2, and expanding our warehouse capacity by 40%. This made our production technology complete, which helps us to satisfy the demand for growth of both the Hungarian and the export markets, and it allows us to manufacture our products fully on our own.


This year we launched a new programme in the autumn with the title “Béres: the expert on exercise” for those struggling with joint problems and osteoporosis. Our purpose is to facilitate communication between doctors and patients.


We started the sale of Béres Drops in Bulgaria, and after several years we also re-entered the market in Turkey.


In the Best Buy 2017 survey of Swiss-based International Certification Association (ICERTIAS) respondents chose Béres as the dietary supplement manufacturer with the best price/quality ratio in the category of immune booster supplements.


In May 2017 we contributed to the pilot programme of the Central Hungarian Regional Blood Transfusion Centre with our Vas Vital iron product. In this context we ensured the iron intake of those who wished to donate blood but couldn’t because of their low haemoglobin levels.


In June 2017, we supported a health screening in Covasna county in Romania with Béres products worth HUF 5 million, organised by the Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County Council and Hetényi Géza Hospital and Clinic of Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County.


We donated Béres Drops to support the healing of cancer patients in connection with World Cancer Day. The donation worth HUF 50 million was delivered to those in need with the help of the most important Hungarian associations representing cancer patients.


We donated Béres Drops worth HUF 20 million for the inpatient treatment of the Buda Hospital of the Hospitaller Order. This has ensured the supply of vital nutrients for patients treated at the internal medicine and rheumatology departments of the institution already during their hospital stay.


Before Christmas we donated Béres Drops worth HUF 50 million to the elderly and sick, as well as families in difficult situations. We handed the products over to the leaders of the national charitable organizations who help the poor directly.


Thanks to the Béres Foundation, this year the unique photo exhibition presenting the Way of the Cross of Lourdes by Hungarian-born French sculptor Maria de Faykod arrived in Székesfehérvár, Pannonhalma, and Oradea, too.




Our company has kept its leading position on the Hungarian health care market. In 2016, the CalciviD Extra-D film coated calcium + vitamin D tablets and the combined packages of the Béres Drops product Béres Csepp Extra and the C-vitamin 50 mg were launched.


The Romanian sales of Béres Drops was promoted by TV commercials, strong PR activities and on-site promotion activities.


As a gold sponsor of the Hungarian Olympic Committee, we supported the preparation and success of Hungarian sportsmen and sportswomen for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games by offering them our products. Our multivitamin + magnesium product Actival+Magnézium was the official multivitamin of the Hungarian Olympic Team while those of the range Porcerő were used as the official cartilage care preparations.


The foundation stone of the HUF 3.2 billion project, started in 2015, was laid by Dr. József Béres, President of Béres Pharmaceuticals, Dr. Zsolt Bischof, Plant Manager of the Szolnok production facility and Ferenc Szalay, the Mayor of Szolnok in April 2016.


Our image campaign was launched in October. We believe only products of impeccable quality have a place on the health care market. The reliability and quality of our products is guaranteed by the name Béres. This is exactly what our new slogan claims: Béres – We lend our name to health.


The excellent results of Béres Pharmaceuticals Ltd. in the fields of productivity, innovation and social responsibility were acknowledged by the award Széchenyi Business of the Year.


In April 2016, Béres Pharmaceuticals Ltd. won Jó-lét Foundation’s call for proposals „My work is awaiting my return” and was awarded with the prize „Most Committed Re-engaging Workplace”.


The play “A megvádolt” (“The Accused”) by István Fazekas is about the most difficult times of the life of Dr. József Béres Senior. It was staged in 2016. In January, it premiered in the Chamber Theatre Kelemen László of the Theatre Katona József of Kecskemét and in February it was also played in the Újszínház Theatre in Budapest.


Záhony paid another tribute to the memory of Dr. József Béres Senior when the ribbon was cut for the Dr. József Béres Park by the Municipality on 7 March 2016.


In the framework of the competition “General Practitioner of the Year in the Carpathian Basin", more than 45,000 votes arrived from 6 countries. Dr. József Béres, who also participated in the evaluation process, presented each of the winners, 10 Hungarian and 10 foreign Hungarian doctors, HUF 150,000 worth of Béres Drops.


Dr József Béres presented the second volume of his extremely successful song book Szép magyar ének (Beautiful Hungarian Song). Most of the songs in this volume are from Transylvania and are regularly sung at “Táncház” (causal folk dance) events.


In March 2016, Béres organised its tenth charity evening, this time for the benefit of the Department of Children’s Onco-Haematology and Bone Marrow Transplantation of the Hospital of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County. Those who wished to donate could watch the first show of the play Béres, staged by the Újszínház theatre of Budapest, after the premiere.


Thanks to Béres Foundation, the statue complex Lourdes Stations of the Cross by Maria de Faykod, a sculptor from France but of Hungarian origins was presented to the Hungarian audience in the form of the photos taken by the artist herself, under the title From Jesus’s Suffering to Resurrection. The unique piece of art is made of more than 100 tons of Carrara marble and includes 17 stations. The photos were first exhibited in Esztergom, followed by Pécs, Máriapócs and Székesfehérvár.




In 2015, our company leads the market of preventive and health care products. The number of production staff increases from 64 to 238 and the number of marketed products exceeds 70.


In the autumn of 2015, we launch the film coated tablets Béres Porcerő+Ginzeng Aktív, the complex vision improving product Szemerő+DHA Komplex and our high-dose vitamin D preparation Vita-D3 Forte 3000 NE.


Our products win some notable prizes during the year. Actival+Magnézium is voted Product of the Year. Béres Csepp Extra, our product with its own dispenser pump, is given a special award for Unique and Innovative Product Format in the Pharmaceutical Industry in the Hungaropack Hungarian Packaging Competition.


As a gold level strategic partner, we join the largest comprehensive screening scheme of Hungary.


In the spring, the Hungarian Handball Federation and Béres Pharmaceuticals sign a cooperation agreement. Béres Pharmaceuticals supports the training of young players at the Hungarian Handball Academy by Béres products in the value of HUF 3 million and further reductions.


We enter the market in yet another country - this year it is Moldova. The local branch of Richter Gedeon launches several dietary supplements under the brand name Richter Vita.


In 2015, we realise the grandest investment of our history of more than two decades in Szolnok. In the framework of the HUF 3.2 billion project, we extend the area of our production facility and logistics centre by 1640 m2 and 800 m2, respectively. The project also includes infrastructure development and creates 60 new jobs. The investment is realised with a 50% central grant which was guaranteed by a single governmental resolution. In the first phase of extending our capacities, a new storage building is constructed and opened in December. The new building has the necessary capacity to store our raw materials and packaging materials.


Dr. József Béres Senior would have been 95 years old on 7 February 2015. In 2015, a square is named after the great inventor in Záhony and the original plaster statue which had been used to cast his bronze statue which was erected in the town in 2014, is formally presented in the Dr. József Béres Halls of Residence.


A book with the play about the life of Dr. József Béres Senior is published in March. The title of the drama by Jókai Award winner István Fazekas is “A megvádolt” (“The Accused”) and it covers the ordeals of Béres between 1973 and 1976, reflected by the personal tragedy of a couple in Kosice who hope to cure their sick child by means of Béres drops.


This year, two documentaries related to us are made, directed Barna Kabay and Katalin Petényi. The 50-minute documentary Béres József életútja (“The Life of József Béres”) explains the life of the legendary inventor, while the 23-minute Életcseppek (“Drops of Life”), an episode of the series Örökség (“Heritage”) made for Milan’s Expo, is inspired by the charities of Béres Group.


János Áder, President of the Hungarian Republic presents Klára Béres, Director of Communications of Béres Pharmaceuticals Ltd. and Director of Béres Foundation, with the Officer’s Cross of the Hungarian Order of Merit. Miklós Nagy, Financial Director of Béres Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is given the Knight’s Cross of the Hungarian Order of Merit. Dr. Zsolt Bischof, Director of Béres Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is also awarded a prestigious decoration: his work earns him the Officer’s Cross of the Hungarian Order of Merit.


Béres Foundation makes a donation of HUF 100 million in the form of Béres Drops to major charities and small local organisations so that they can distribute the products to those in need. This year, near 20 million forints are donated in the form of products to our Hungarian brothers and sisters in need, living in Transylvania and Carpathian Ruthenia.


Thanks to the initiative of György Hábel from the Order of Vitéz, the song book Szép magyar ének (Beautiful Hungarian Songs) by József Béres can be delivered to 1200 Hungarian schools and nursery schools across the border, supported by the Hungarian Cultural Fund and Béres Foundation and with the contribution of the Rákóczi Association and the World Federation of Hungarians.




Béres Pharmaceuticals celebrates the 25th anniversary of its founding in 2014.


We keep our leading position on the Hungarian market of health care products. One of the novelties of 2014 is the dispenser pump presentation of Béres Csepp Extra. The range Actival is extended by two new products, Actival+Magnézium developed for adults and the sugar free Actival Kid Gumivitamin for kids. We also launch a new product on the vitamin D market, introducing our 1600 IU Béres Vita-D3 preparation. Porcerő+Csont-Izom Komplex, launched in the previous year, is voted Product of the Year in 2014.


In Belarus, the Actival range is also sold now, beside Béres Drops.


This year, a new production unit of 930 m2 is constructed in Szolnok. The investment totals almost half a billion forints and is realised from own resources. Now our facility has a total production area of 2600 m2 and it is complete with a quality control laboratory of 580 m2. Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is also present at the ribbon cutting ceremony of the new unit.


In the anniversary year, many pay tribute to the founder and legendary inventor. In the Bessenyei György Secondary School of Kisvárda, a new science laboratory, named after Dr. József Béres Senior is opened. The new lecture hall of University of West Hungary’s Faculty of Economy is named Béres Hall and a full body statue of the town’s famous son is erected in Záhony.


The work of Dr. József Béres is recognised by several prestigious awards this year. Dr. Zsolt Láng, Mayor of District II of Budapest decorates Dr. Béres with the medal For District II, István Tarlós, Mayor of Budapest, presents him with the award Pro Urbe Budapest and Mihály Varga Minister of Economy with the Award For the Hungarian Economy.


In March 2014, Ferenc Major, Director General of Béres Pharmaceuticals is decorated with the Officer’s Cross of the Hungarian Order of Merit and Dr. Csaba Kónya, Director and Medical Director of the corporation with the Gold Cross of Merit of the Hungarian Republic by the President of the Hungarian Republic. In December 2014, the professional activities of Dr. Zsolt Bischof, Plant Manager of the Szolnok production facility are recognised by the Award for the Hungarian Economy.


In February, Béres Foundation makes a donation of Béres Drops in a value of more than 30 million forints to the national organisations that help cancer patients. Our charity work never stops at the border and neither does this year. For example, we make a donation of Actival kid multivitamin in the value of almost 5 million forints to the orphans of Deva and 7 million forints worth of multivitamins to Hungarian organisations operating in Transylvania and Carpathian Ruthenia and 1 million forints worth of Béres Drops were sent to the Ukrainian medical services to help their work in the troublesome regions.


The “Dance at my wedding” campaign of the Béres Health Hungaricum Programme, started in 2013, receives a prestigious award at the Prizma Creative PR contest, where the campaign wins the Sándor Imre PR Award of the Hungarian PR Association. The viral video promoting the campaign also wins a prize at the Hipnózis Contest for Commercials.




In 2013, Béres Pharmaceuticals is still a leader of the health care market. From our several new or modernised products, the biggest innovation on the market of cartilage care products is Béres Porcerő+Csont-Izom Komplex, but customers also love the two new Actival products for children, Actival Junior and Actival Kid+Acerola. Béres D3-vitamin is also a freshly launched product. As health care credit cards may be used for paying for it and it has a high active ingredient content, it is a successful competitor of prescription drugs when it comes to self-medicating.


In September 2013, our leading brands, the Béres Drops Béres Csepp and Béres Csepp Extra receive the honour of being officially declared as Hungaricums by the Hungaricum Committee.


As a leader of the health care market, Béres Pharmaceuticals, a company committed to preserve the health of the nation signs a cooperation agreement with the Hungarian Olympic Committee (MOB) for the fifth Olympic cycle in the October of 2013. According to the Agreement, we provide financial support and products to the Hungarian Olympic Team as a Gold Sponsor of MOB.


In the framework of the Béres Health Hungaricum Programme, we launch the Dance at my wedding campaign in 2013. The objective of the campaign is to promote living healthy by emotional motivation and via people’s loved ones. Using the messages of children, we try to make their parents realise how important it is for the whole family to enjoy the most important moments together and what a big role parents have in all this.


Béres Foundation is 20 years old in 2013. We organise our ninth charity evening to help the Children’s’ Clinic of Tűzoltó Street. We donate 10 thousand packs of ProBio6 to flood relief workers at the Danube and at the end of the year, we donate 100 million forints worth of Béres Drops to those in need.




2012 is an anniversary year as we celebrate the 40th anniversary of the invention of our legendary product, the Béres Drops. In this festive year, the inventor is commemorated at several occasions.


As part of a series of celebrations, a representative statue complex, jointly erected by the Municipality and Béres Pharmaceuticals is unveiled on a busy square in Szolnok on 19 May, to commemorate József Béres. The square is now called Béres Park.


In April, the Municipality of Kisvárda, the town where Dr. Béres used to work, names a park after him in the heart of the city.


In June 2012, we announce the winners of the national contest “I and Béres Drops”, advertised the autumn before. We invited people to tell their stories about Béres Drops. From the exemplary submissions, Klára Béres compiles a book under the title Életcseppek (Drops of Life). The book is officially presented to the public in September.


On 31 May 2012, the City Council of District III of Budapest decides to rename the previous Keve-Kiserdei Primary School after Dr. József Béres. The naming ceremony takes place on 21 September.


In September, as part of a series of celebrations, Dr. József Béres, President of Béres Pharmaceuticals officially announces the launching of Béres Csepp Extra, the second generation of Béres Drops with an improved composition and new active ingredients. The new product combines the original ideas of Dr. József Béres Senior and the newest scientific results.


On 20 August 2012, Dr. József Béres is presented with the Medium Cross of Merit of the Hungarian Republic.


The most significant project of the year is implementing the new integrated business management system on 1 September 2012. The growth of the company and the increasing number of products necessitated the implementation of a unified, comprehensive IT background that covers the entire supply chain i.e. both logistics and production, to replace the previous solution, where only finances and accounting were included in the system.




According to a survey made by Braun&Partners Reputations, Béres Pharmaceuticals Ltd. has become the Hungarian company with the best reputation in the health care sector.


The call for design tenders advertised in 2010, for the medicinal water drinking fountain to be named after Dr. József Béres Senior, is won by Gábor Miklya, a sculptor from Pécs. His statue Csepp Park (Drop Park) is unveiled in Szolnok in 2012.


The book "Az üstökös csillagot hozott" (“The Comet Brought a Star”) co-authored by Klára Béres and Melinda Béres is published. It is about the life of the sculptor Barna Búza who died 100 years old in 2010.


We also contribute to the competition General Practitioner of the Year in the Carpathian Basin. We provide the prizes for 5 Hungarian and 5 foreign Hungarian general practitioners.


We start a project to diminish energy use and increase efficiency in our Szolnok production facility. In the framework of the project, the air supply and management systems are renovated. Efficiency is improved by reusing waste heat. The entire boiler and heating system is reconstructed, reducing energy costs by a fifth.


As yet another stage in our multilevel communication scheme, our Facebook page is set up in the spring of 2011 under the name Béres Egészségklub (Béres Health Club).


As the results of the surveys performed at the beginning of the year in the Béres Health Hungaricum Programme indicate, 77% of primary schools need help for health development. To commemorate the Day of Hungarian Health, the Foundation awards 3 health conscious teachers who eagerly work for the health of school communities. With an intention to establish a tradition, we organise the first Day of Health Care Teachers in Budapest. At the national conference, cooperating with professional associations, we try to draw attention to the fact that there is much to be done for developing the health of young people. To promote this goal, we organise accredited teacher trainings at several locations in Hungary.


The charity concert of Béres Foundation is held on 14 May in the theatre Pesti Magyar Színház, dedicated to the memory of Franz Liszt. The repertoire includes music by the famous composer. The ticket revenue is offered to the National Institute of Oncology so that they can buy 5 special medical beds to ease the suffering of patients with severe pain. 


This year, the usual 100 thousand bottles of Béres Drops are donated at the Best Wishes Christmas Tree erected on Széll Kálmán Square, Budapest. Members of the Facebook page Béres Egészségklub also participate in the charity activities by means of sending personal messages to the 10 charities that forward the 100 thousand bottles to those in need. The postcards addressed to these charities are used to decorate the Best Wishes Christmas Tree.




In 2010, the turnover of Béres Pharmaceuticals increases further. With the issuing of 3 new marketing authorisations, the number of licensed medicines increases to 31. Furthermore, we launch 3 new products specifically developed for children, (Actival Kid Omega-3 with vitamins, Kalcium + D3 vitamin chewable tablets for kids and C-vitamin chewable tablets for kids).


In January, Béres Foundation helps the victims of the Haiti earthquake, by sending more than 15 thousand boxes of painkillers and antipyretics, in the value of HUF 5.7 million, to the disaster site. The Day of Hungarian Culture is commemorated by the Foundation by presenting the collection of works of a lifetime by Anna Kubinyi textile artist.


On 7 February 2010, we celebrate the 90th anniversary of Dr. József Béres Senior’s birth. To celebrate the occasion, the book Cseppben az élet (Life in a Drop) by Klára Béres is published. The Youth’s Science Association (TIT) of Kisvárda named after József Béres unveils a memorial tablet and holds a scientific session. The celebrations also include the memorial exhibition by Zoltán Szeifried painter about the life of József Béres.


At the end of March, the revenue from selling Actival Kid products is ceremoniously donated to the Hungarian Maltese Charity Service. With the collected 2.5 million forints, we support the programme “Prevention is child’s play” of the Charity Service.


From November 2010, our wholesale trade company, Béres Egészségtár Kft. provides services to its partners at new premises. The new site is two and a half times larger than the previous one.


In 2010, two very significant contracts are concluded. Richter Gedeon buys the exclusive product rights of our multivitamin Gravida developed for pregnant women. According to the agreement, from March 2011 the distributor of this Béres product is Richter. Another agreement is signed with an English company about transferring the marketing authorisation of CalciviD, a market leading product in Hungary, in the territory of the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.


The results of the survey Health-Happiness within the Béres Health Hungaricum programme are published in March 2010, at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The competition Jövő egészségőrei (Health Guard of the Future) is advertised in the spring. We invite the organisers of health care programmes for 14 to 25 year old youth to present their ideas. This year, too, the Foundation presents the Béres Health Hungaricum Award to the winner.


Keeping to its traditions, Béres Foundation makes a donation of 100 thousand bottles of Béres Drops at Christmas to those in need.




In 2009, we carry on with our intensive product development activities in the health care and self-medicating product categories. We finish the entire technological development process for four products (two medicines and two dietary supplements) including the development and validation of the related analytical methods and compiling the documents needed for licensing. All four products are produced now at commercial level. We conduct laboratory and production experiments with further five dietary supplements and start experiments to modify 18 of our commercial products (3 medicines and 15 dietary supplements).


As set forth by the company’s strategy, we place particular emphasis on the high quality production of our products in 2009, too. In compliance with the transposed European legislation, the recipe for the vitamin C range is modified and the composition of the Actival Kid range also undergoes some alterations. Thanks to our product development activities, our product portfolio is extended to include more than 50 products.


Béres Pharmaceuticals celebrates the 20th anniversary of its founding. Celebrations are held all over the year. The most significant event is the establishment of a memorial room in the Szolnok production facility commemorating the founder of the factory Dr. József Béres Senior. The room is opened in February 2009, celebrating the birthday of the famous scientist.


The Day of Szolnok is celebrated on 1 September. This occasion is marked by the ribbon cutting ceremony of the alley along the river Tisza named after József Béres. The ceremony is attended by the city officials.


In August 2009, the Béres family is awarded for their outstanding activities for Hungarian people all around the world. The Board of Trustees of the Szent István Prize awards the family with the 2009 Szent István Prize. The prize is the bronze statue of Szent István, the first Hungarian king and saint, made by Miklós Melocco.


In the framework of the Béres Health Hungaricum programme, in 2009 we advertise again a call for applications. We invite authors to submit their health plans and participate the related health plan writers’ training. With our help, 19 more settlements can receive professional advice on how to prepare municipal health plans. From these settlements, three ones win grant resources from Béres for the implementation of their 2010 action plans.


On 1 July 2009, we present enthusiastic civilians with the Béres Health Hungaricum Prize for the second time. The prize is awarded to those exemplary individuals who develop the health and improve the living conditions of their communities.




Instead of soaring growth, 2008 is characterised by careful, subdued management. The motto for the year is reducing risks and then keep them at the possible minimum. This motto essentially manifests in cost management, where expenses are streamlined right from the beginning of the year so that resources can be re-allocated to promote products and markets that were expected to grow. As a result, our financial results improve significantly by a constant revenue, while the market positions of our most important products and ranges are either stabilised or improved. Mainly due to the increasing sales of Béres Drops, the Béres Egészségtár range and vitamin C and calcium products, the company can maintain its 45% share on the Hungarian health care market.


Intensive product development, essential to realise the objectives of the company’s Growth Strategy, continues in 2008. As a result, the development of several new products starts, continues or ends. We extend the multivitamin range for children by launching the new Actival Kid with forest fruits flavour. The Szemerő and Porcerő brands of the Béres Egészségtár range are modernised and new products are also available now: we launch Szemerő Lutein Forte and Porcerő Forte, as well as the complex probiotics capsule ProBio6 and the 500 mg vitamin C tablets. In the Béres Házipatika range, two new products, Flatin and Diarin are launched.


One of the most beautiful ceremonies of the year is held in 7 February 2008, on the 88th birthday of the Father of Béres Drops. Together with Dr. Károly Kapronczay, Head of the Semmelweis Museum of Medical History, we unveil the bust of Dr. József Béres Senior. The statue was made by the sculptor Barna Búza.


In 2008, the beneficiary of our charity evening is the Children’s Clinic No.I. of Semmelweis University. The Clinic receives a laser scalpel that revolutionised the surgical operations on children with cancer.


The Béres Health Hungaricum Prize is first awarded on the Day of Hungarian Health i.e. on 1 July 2008. The prize was created to reward outstanding individuals and health professionals whose work in improving the health and living conditions of their communities may serve as an example for others.


The usefulness of our work is verified by the CSR Hungary Award 2008 – Corporate Responsibility, which was received by the Béres Health Hungaricum Programme at the CSR Hungary conference held in October 2008.




In 2007, Béres Pharmaceuticals maintains its 45% share which was obtained quite long before on the Hungarian health care market. We launch several new products. Béres Házipatika, the range of OTC medicines, as well as the Béres Egészségtár range that includes dietary supplements are extended. Following market trends, several new products are launched in the Actival multivitamin brand that was voted a Superbrand in 2007.

In the spring of 2007, the Béres Health Hungaricum Programme, a comprehensive scheme for prevention and health care is launched. The objective for 2007 is to serve as kind of a compass for those who sail the sea of often contradicting and confusing health care advices and show the right way for proper health care. We set off on a national tour and hold information events at town health days; we also communicate the relevant information in various publications.


We are helped by reputed experts in collecting the most relevant health issues of Hungary and providing simple and easy to understand ideas for health care and prevention.


A significant event of the autumn of 2007 is the ribbon cutting ceremony of the Béres classroom in the Czóbel Minka Primary School in Anarcs. It all started with Dr. József Béres donating the money awarded to Dr. József Béres Senior together with the Pro Comitatu Prize to the Municipality of Anarcs. The money was spent on renovating the classroom. The school has also been supported by Béres Foundation since 1996. The Béres family lived in Anarcs between 1950 and 1955. Dr. József Béres was born here and his mother was a teacher in the local school.




When we look back once on the history of Béres Group, we will be surely very proud of 2006. Our companies could maintain and strengthen their position despite the strong competition, we launched new products, initiated large projects and finished important investments. Tough work yields serious results.


Béres Pharmaceuticals leads the health care and prevention market by having a large market share. The company significantly increases its revenue in 2006. The key to the success is the development and marketing of marketable products. This year, we launch new products again. Two more products are added to Béres Egészségtár. Béres Házipatika, a promising new range is launched. Gravida, our new product for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers is successfully introduced and obtained a 20% market share already in the first year of its distribution.


Our export activities follow the path set in previous years. We make significant market investments as decided before, to build our brands.


At our Szolnok site, the construction of the 1100 m2 finished product distribution warehouse is finished. With this new installation, the value of our Szolnok investments exceeds HUF 2 billion. A significant real estate development project also starts in Szolnok. It is a good feeling that this project does not only serve our diversification but also contributes to developing Szolnok and making the town more beautiful.




In 2005, we achieve a further strengthening of our major brands and our newest range, Béres Egészségtár becomes a significant brand. A new product is added to the Actival range when Actival Energia is launched. The Béres Egészségtár range has now 15 members, as four new products are introduced to the market.


In 2005, we start the media campaign for the BET range. The widespread penetration and increasing sales of these products bring on a real change in the sales structure. Although the balanced operation of the company is still based on the Béres Drops, the BET range develops into a brand that yields a HUF 800 million turnover in 2005.


As defined in our mission, we aim at promoting healthy living in our product communication. Obeying our company motto “Béres for healthy people”, we keep on supporting activities related to health care and sports.


In 2005, Béres Pharmaceuticals becomes again a gold sponsor of the Hungarian Olympic Team. It is announced by Dr. Pál Schmitt, President of the Hungarian Olympic Committee and Dr. József Béres Junior, at a joint press conference. According to the agreement, Actival Max is still the „official multivitamin of the Hungarian Olympic Team” and the products of the Béres Egészségtár range are the „official health care products of the Hungarian Olympic Team". Every member of the Hungarian Olympic Team takes these products while preparing for the 2008 Games.


In March 2005, we conclude an agreement with the National Institute for Sport Medicine (OSEI) promoting the idea of doping free sport. According to the Agreement, Béres Pharmaceuticals supports Hungarian sport with 10 million forints worth of Béres products and a significant financial contribution. The Béres products recommended for sportsmen and sportswomen are tested and declared dope free by OSEI. The professional staff of the institute makes sure the products will be received by contestants and sport medicine physicians.




Béres Pharmaceuticals Ltd. celebrates the 15th anniversary of its founding this year. In March 2004, our new development laboratory is opened. The state-of-the-art laboratory is constructed in the basement of the new Béres Headquarters in District III. The facility hosts 31 measuring instruments and 24 pieces of chemical equipment and employs a staff of 20. When designing the laboratory, special emphasis was placed on safe working conditions and environmental requirements.


The establishment of the new development laboratory is a milestone – it signifies Béres’s central strategic goal to keep on developing and launching new products. The Béres portfolio of 31 products is extended by 10 new preparations in 2004 and 5 more ones are expected to be launched in the coming years. The common feature of the new range is the concern for health care and prevention (the same goals as in the case of all the other Béres products) and they all contain vitamins, minerals and micronutrients.


The new Béres products enter a dynamically growing market as people are increasingly concerned about health care and there is a rising demand for health care products.




Béres Pharmaceuticals Ltd. does a lot in 2003, too. We strengthen our status in Hungary and maintain our strong leading position on the health care market. The most sold weight and energy gain product in Hungary is still Béres Drops and the same applies to the Actival range on the multivitamin market.

At the end of 2002, our strategy is re-defined and strategical directions are aligned with predictable market changes and the expected consequences of the EU Accession. We calculate with the expected growth directions of the self-medicating market in the broadest sense and start our product development activities accordingly.


We continue our investments on our strategic export markets. In 2003, the time is ripe to open our dealerships in Russia, Ukraine and Romania.


Our new strategy and the applied state-of-the-art management tools (that yielded detectable results as early as 2003) give us the rightful impression that in Hungary, a country just before accessing the European Union, Béres Pharmaceuticals, a company operated from Hungarian capital and producing viable products that match international norms and which, driven by social responsibility, ploughs back part of its profit into developing its home country will carry on growing dynamically.




Béres Pharmaceuticals Ltd. has a share of 40% on the Hungarian health care market in 2002. It means that the terms health service, health care and prevention are generally linked to the name Béres in the mind of people, due to our products.


In 2002, our growth dynamics accelerates. Our results mostly root in our performance on the domestic market. Regarding our export markets, the previous year was a time of investments. Evaluating our market positions in Russia, Ukraine and Slovakia, we decide to maintain our investments in these countries.


This year, the multivitamin products sold in the highest volume are Actival and Actival Max, the latter one renewed regarding both its composition and its distribution channels. The 20% growth in the sales of the Actival range is an outstanding result on the stagnating multivitamin market.


In 2002, we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the birth of Béres Drops. 30 years – the number speaks for itself. A product that could remain successful over a generation is very well considered as one that stood the test of time. Commemorating the anniversary, Dr. József Béres and through him the entire Béres Group receive several decorations and scientific awards.




In 2001, we maintain or strengthen our positions on our traditional markets despite the increasing competition. We perform intensive product development activities for our new markets and start actively developing our markets abroad, as set forth by our strategy. To achieve these goals, we develop areas of key importance and expand the organisation.


Our distribution system needs to be reorganised at several levels. We do not directly sell any more to retailers but via wholesalers that obviously increases the number of customers. We also invest into extending marketing and distribution organisations, hence becoming able to target various groups and different trade channels to promote and sell our products in high quantities.


As for production, we have now modern and efficient production lines as a result of continuous investment activities. By means of these, we can keep the unit cost of our products below the sectoral average in 2001. As a result of the fast learning process in industrialised production and strict control, the expenses of the production facility do not grow.


We continue with the investments to extend our production capacity. A pharmaceutical facility for paste production, certified by the National Institute of Pharmacy and Nutrition (OGYI) is stablished in Eger, together with a plant that produces liquid animal feed medical supplements. Despite the increase in invested capital and the expected high return to provide for the future, the company produces significant values in 2001.




Béres Pharmaceuticals Rt. welcomes the new millennium by launching yet another new product. In February, pharmacies start selling the new, very cheap, 100-mg vitamin C film coated tablets.


On 27 January, Béres Drops, the invention of József Béres is registered by the National Institute of Pharmacy and Nutrition as a medicinal product. This is the first product worldwide to be upgraded from a “product with a therapeutic effect that does not qualify as a medicine” to a medicinal product. Furthermore, for the first time in Hungary, Béres Drops is upgraded into the category known as “weight and energy gain medicinal products”. Life gives the most beautiful present to József Béres on his 80th birthday to compensate him for his decades of struggle: Béres Drops is available now as an over-the-counter medicine, promoting the health of people with unaltered composition and at the same price. In the autumn, Béres surprises its customers with a new product. The multivitamin tablet product Actival Senior is specifically developed for consumers over 50.


As a result of its dynamic growth and development, Béres Group operates as a pharmaceutical company from September 2000.


The name of the strongest OTC producer and distributor company of Hungary is Pharmaceuticals Ltd. The company is present in the entire OTC pharmaceutical chain, playing a leading role by means of its activities and investments.



The new Béres product, Béres Csonterősítő (bone strengthening) tablet was launched. In January, the modernisation and extension of Béres Industrial Production Ltd. began with an investment of about 0.5 billion HUF.


On August 26, on the 10th anniversary of the establishment of Béres Ltd., the new factory simultaneously and comprehensively capable of producing all the Béres products at a European standard was inaugurated in the presence of the Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.


This year Béres Ltd. surprised its consumers with a new product: due to its complex composition and sensational flavour, Actival Junior multivitamin chewing tablet turned into a favourite among children within weeks. Four new Healthstore shops were opened.






The new product, Actival complex multivitamin and mineral tablet enjoying a great potential, was launched. The first four medicinal herb stores of Béres Healthstore were opened.








Six new products were added to the product portfolio. With an investment of 110 million HUF, reconstructions and enlargements were carried out in Béres Industrial Product Ltd. The Company considerably increased its share in the medicine wholesale trade. Following the purchase of Libra Ltd. (the former Pharmacy Centre in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County), the three medicine wholesale companies merged under the Bellis Ltd. name.


Béres Holding was now a company group employing nearly 500 people, playing a considerable role on the market. On August 20, the President handed over The Order of the Hungarian Republic, Officer's Cross to Dr. József Béres.





The 50 mg Béres Vitamin C and the herb-based Antifront-drops were launched. The Company established its own manufacturing base in Szolnok, named Béres Industrial Production Ltd.


The production of Béres products produced in lease work beforehand could from now on be produced in the company's own plant. Via the purchase of Pharmaprim Ltd. (the former Pharmacy Centre in Heves County) the Company acquired a new share in Hungarian medicine wholesale trade









The family-pack 100 ml Béres Drops Plus was launched. With an investment of 50 million HUF, the Company set up a modern development laboratory.


An old dream came true; development carried out in lease work was replaced by much more flexible and efficient own developments. Béres Ltd. purchased Pharmasol Ltd. (the former Pharmacy Centre in Szolnok County).






The Company's product portfolio grew again. Two new effervescent tablets were available in stores and pharmacies: Béres VitaSport and VitaKid.


The Company moved into its own new headquarters.






The first member of the Béres effervescent family, Béres Vitalin was launched onto the market. Dr. József Béres and Béres Ltd. established Béres Foundation for a Full Life to coordinate charity activities.




In the month following the establishment of the Company, the Hungarian Television broadcasted the documentary entitled The Last Plea directed by Ferenc Kósa. The social response was great.


The next day, the queues in front of the stores selling Béres Drops were endless. Overnight, Béres Drops became well known all over the country.



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