Since 1996, Béres products of impeccable and stable quality are produced in Szolnok, Hungary, in the 3000 m2 production facility owned by the company, using state-of-the-art technology. Quality is guaranteed by the compliance with the criteria in the GMP licence and the HACCP standard. This compliance is regularly reviewed.


The production facility operates on three floors. On the ground floor, solutions are prepared and filling and packaging activities are performed. On the first floor, products of solid format are produced and packaged. The storerooms are on the second floor. Material flows between floors are managed by four elevators.


According to our business development principles, several improvements have been realised lately in the Szolnok production facility. The production hall on the first floor and the entire floor of the room with the blistering machine and the effervescent tablet production line have been renovated. An entrance security system for visitors has also been created on the second floor.


The GOP-2.1.1./C scheme of the New Hungary Development Plant enabled us to purchase an Uhlmann blistering and sealing machine line which was commissioned in the first quarter of 2009.


To guarantee the safe operation of our production facility and the quality control system as well as to extend their capacities, we implemented several investments in 2013. The most important one of these was purchasing a metal detector, a deduster and a new steam generation machine for the production plant and the UHPLC and dissolution testing equipment for the quality control laboratory. We carried on with the energy efficiency programme we had started in 2010. In the summer of 2013, our RO water filter equipment was renovated and modernised, facilitating a 30% reduction in our water use.


We have improved our business management system implemented a few years ago. Since the summer of 2013, we have been able to directly collect data from each production phase using computers.


In the past two decades, almost 3 billion forints were spent on development in Szolnok, in order to create a modern production facility matching European standards and a world class technology that complies with the strict demands of the health care market. At the moment, our annual production is 10 to 11 million boxes of products.


In 2016, we are realising the grandest investment of our history of more than two decades in Szolnok. In the framework of the HUF 3.2 billion project, we will extend the area of our production facility and logistics centre by 1640 m2 and 800 m2, respectively. The project also includes infrastructure development and will create 60 new jobs. The investment is realised with a 50% central grant which was guaranteed by a single governmental resolution


The Ministry of National Economy as Supporter awarded Béres Pharmaceuticals Ltd. with a grant of HUF 1,345,896,348 (one billion three hundred and forty-five million eight hundred and ninety-six thousand three hundred and forty-eight) from the appropriation “Supporting the National Economy”, in the grant scheme “Supporting the Investments of Large Companies”  and within that the programme “Promoting the industrial development projects of large companies”, to realise the project “Purchasing means of production and research and development innovation with real estate development at Béres Pharmaceuticals Ltd.”


Project site: Béres Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 37 Nagysándor József út Szolnok, Hungary. Project duration: 1 January 2017 – 15 May 2018.



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