“Real science is always about the world. If we want to be good scientists and, as we are obliged to, good Hungarian citizens, we have to raise the flag of science so high that those living across our borders can also see it and pay due tribute to it.” (Loránd Eötvös)


The history of Béres Pharmaceuticals is inseparable from scientific research. Dr. József Béres Senior made the first steps leading to the foundation of the company by his systemic work of several decades on the physiological and biochemical role of micronutrients and by creating Béres Drops, a product of all these years of research that has eventually become a household name.


Already in the first years after its foundation, the company placed special emphasis on extending its product range. This demand presumed the creation of a professional research and development basis with its activities focused on the development and national and international licencing of modern, premium quality medicinal products, products with a therapeutic effect that do not qualify as medicine and dietary supplements.


Béres Pharmaceuticals opened its own, state-of-the-art development laboratory in 2004. The laboratory is located in the Budapest premises of Béres.


Since the beginning, Béres products have been combining innovation, professional knowledge, sound scientific results and reliably high quality. 


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