Béres values

On Béres Pharmaceuticals in short:



  • A Hungarian family business.


  • Operates in the spirit and according to the values of the founder.


  • Leader on the market of health care products regarding both production and sales, with several market leading products.


  • Strives to use natural ingredients and create products with no side effects.


  • Characterised by continuous development and innovation, with almost 80 products and several other ones still under licencing or already licenced and ready for launch.


  • Keeps to business ethics and expects the same from employees.


  • Communicates in a correct and ethical manner.


  • Beyond the propagation of its products, it also focuses on promoting healthy living.


  • Takes social responsibilities, supports endeavours related to health care, education and culture and raises awareness to promote living healthy.


  • Relies on the professional knowledge and work of highly qualified and experienced employees.


  • Its profit is channelled into supporting national developments and the creation of jobs.


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