Béres Story

Béres is one of the most familiar and honoured brand names in Hungary. Béres Pharmaceuticals is not a common company: it has its own face. It is named after the legendary inventor, Dr. József Béres Sr., on whose world-famous invention, a company of international rank has been built over the last nearly 30 years. With the management of the family, the company has been able to preserve its independence, authenticity, popularity and humaneness in this globalised competition on the market. Today Béres products can be found in each settlement, and several millions of people know and use it ranging from the youngest to the oldest generations.

The legendary invention, around which a company group and a portfolio consisting of a dozen products have been built, is the Béres Drops. This product was born in 1972 as the crowning of the long and constant work of an extraordinarily talented researcher, Dr. József Béres Sr. Béres Drops is a unique trace-element supplement, helping the preservation and restoration of the human organism's normal functioning, improving the functioning of the organism's natural defence mechanisms, the immune system, and successfully applicable in the supplementary therapies for cancer patients for the improvement of their general condition and well-being.

A seriously ill person will cling even to the slightest of hopes, so the news on the beneficial effect of the drops created in the beginning of the 70's spread like wildfire. An increasing number of people from all over the world visited József Béres in his home. Defying the authorities, he gave the drops free of charge to crowds of people suffering from cancer who turned to him for help, as he created the drops to help people in the first place. The fight was long, and the road to recognition was bumpy, but in the end, owing to the immense pressure exerted by the sick and humanists, Béres Drops finally received its marketing authorisation in 1978.

The family soon realized that the distribution, popularisation and official recognition of Béres Drops were all possible to efficiently carry out in the form of a business venture only. In 1989, at the same time with the political transformation, Béres Ltd. was established. Not long after this, the television broadcasted the documentary on József Béres and his drops that had been kept secret and banned for a long time, which film made the drops famous overnight. The queues in front of stores offering Béres Drops were endless, and the product began its rising trend on the market which energy has remained undiminished. Today, hundreds of thousands of people use Béres Drops day by day to strengthen their immune system, it is an ever-present help for millions during recovering from various diseases, or convalescing from an operation. In 2000 Béres Drops was officially declared a medicine. In 2002 the inventor, Dr. József Béres Sr. was granted the most prestigious scientific recognition of Hungary, the Széchenyi Award, and in 2008 his bust received a place among the greatest Hungarian healers in the Semmelweis Museum of Medical History. In 2013, Béres Drops and Béres Drops Extra preparations were added to the group of those special national values that can be considered as top achievements of the Hungarian nation with their attributes typical to the nation, with their uniqueness, speciality and quality, and which are now acknowledged as a Hungarian success and one of Hungary’s key values in Hungary and abroad alike. With the decision of the Hungaricum Committee, Béres Drops is the first medicinal product that was added to the Collection of Hungaricums. 

The success of Béres Drops and the remarkable popularity of the Béres brand name encouraged the owners to keep building and developing their company. Ever since the company was founded 28 years ago, its name has been associated with commitment and quality. As a result of our high-quality products and fair and persistent business work, Béres Pharmaceuticals has now grown into the largest Hungarian private-owned pharmaceutical plant in the country. Today, the company offers more than 100 types of products in 230 different forms of packaging in addition to their first product, the Béres Drops that was the only one when they started out. These products are launched on the market in Hungary and other countries in the region. The company is proud to see that owing to its committed work, it has gained a market leader position in several product segments. Béres products maintain their market-leading positions for immune system-strengthening products, complex multivitamin, mineral and trace element products, vitamin C products and joint-support products. The basis of maintaining our competitiveness is continuous and consistent innovation.

The development is shown by the fact that at the time of its foundation in 1989, the company had 10 employees, and has grown into a company group employing nearly 500 people by now. The scientific and human example set by the founder Dr. József Béres Sr., has been and will always be a guideline for his son Dr. József Béres, who has been the president of Béres Pharmaceuticals since 2000. His wife, Klára Béres is the member of the board, the communications director and the president of the Béres Foundation, which has been completing the noble intention of its founder, Dr. József Béres Sr. for nearly 30 years now: it helps the needy, and supports education and culture.

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