Béres Vitamin C 50 mg tablet

Béres Vitamin C 50 mg – contributes to covering the recommended daily vitamin C intake for adults.

Why do we recommend this preparation?

Vitamin C

  • It contributes to the appropriate functioning of the immune system, so to the preservation of health
  • It is an efficacious antioxidant, which among other functions, helps iron absorption in the organism and contributes to the maintenance of the good health of the vascular system.
  • It is necessary for the normal functioning of the nervous system,
  • It plays a role in preserving the health of the gum, the bones and the cartilage.

In what cases is the preparation recommended?

  • with Beres Drops
  • Imbalanced, vitamin deficient diet,
  • Increased vitamin C requirement (pregnancy, lactation),
  • Smoking, passive smoking,
  • Taking oral contraceptives,
  • During convalescence after diseases,
  • Fatigue, spring exhaustion, weakness, considerable physical activity.

Pack size:
120 film-coated tablets

1-3 tablets per day


Quantity of active substance per film-coated tablet:


Name of active substance Active substance content
ascorbic acid 50mg

Additional compounds: lactose and excipients (microcrystalline cellulose, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate)

Registration category:Dietary supplement

GOOD TO KNOW – Useful information prior to administration

Gluten-free - Suitability for people with coeliac disease

Suitability for people with diabetes

Suitability for vegetarians

Suitability for pregnant women and nursing mothersComment: close attention is needed when taken simultaneously with other products containing vitamins, minerals and trace elements to avoid exceeding safe quantities

Suitability for people with high blood pressure

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