Szelén Vital film-coated tablet

A combination of antioxidants

Szelén Vital film-coated tablet - A combination of antioxidants

Béres Szelén VITAL film-coated tablet is a complex dietary supplement with selenium, zinc and additional antioxidant vitamins (vitamin C, vitamin E).

Why do we recommend this preparation?
Its antioxidant active substances contribute to the support of the body’s defence against harmful free radicals.

Selenium contributes to:

  • normal thyroid function,
  • maintaining appropriate hair and nail structure,
  • the protection against the oxidative damage to cell constituents,
  • the appropriate functioning of the immune system,

Due to their antioxidant effects, vitamins C and E, as well as zinc and selenium contribute to the inhibition of harmful oxidative processes in the body.

Vitamin A, Vitamin C and zinc take part in the appropriate functioning of the immune system, thus in the preservation of health.

Pack size:
30 film-coated tablets

1 film-coated tablet per day for adults. The dietary supplement does not replace a balanced and varied diet, and a healthy lifestyle.

Nutritional values per film-coated tablet: energy 4.22 kJ (1.09 kcal), protein 0.00 g, carbohydrate 0.05 g (sugar of which 0.00 g), fat 0.00 g (saturated fatty acid of which 0.00 g), fibres 0.20 mg, sodium 0,00 g.

Quantity of active substances
per film-coated tablet
Recommended daily intake
in % for adults
Vitamn A 800 µg 100
Vitamin C 120 mg 150
Vitamin E 30 mg 250
Zinc 20 mg 200
Selenium 100 µg 182


Registration category:Food supplement

GOOD TO KNOW – Useful information prior to administration

Gluten-free - Suitability for people with coeliac disease

Lactose-free - Suitability for lactose intolerant people

Suitability for people with diabetes

Suitability for vegetariansComment: β-carotene contains gelatin of animal origin

Suitability for pregnant women and nursing mothersComment: close attention is required when taken simultaneously with other products containing vitamins, minerals and trace elements to avoid exceeding safe quantities

Suitability for people with high blood pressure

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