Béres Flatin soft-gelatine capsule

to eliminate flatulence and bloating

We all experience this unpleasant abdominal feeling occurring mainly as a result of an inadequate diet. Owing to the bacteria in the colon, gas is generated from carbohydrates and proteins. If lots of gas remains in the intestines, it is stored in the form of bubbles surrounded by mucous, and can hardly be transported in the intestines.

What to do about it?

  • Eat regularly and slowly. Consume easy to digest dishes, still drinks, avoid coffee and alcohol.
  • Do sports, exercise and try to eliminate stress or at least let off steam.

However, once we perceive unpleasant flatulence, we can use over-the-counter preparations, but naturally only occasionally! The preparations eliminating bubble formation disperse gas bubbles surrounded by mucous.
If your complaints become chronic, it is worth seeing the doctor even in milder cases.

Béres Flatin soft-gelatine capsule takes effect exclusively physically, helping the evolving gas form tiny bubbles and thus, absorb fast from the intestines.

Pack size:
25 soft-gelatine capsules

What type of medicine is Béres Flatin soft-gelatine capsule, and what diseases can it be applied for?
Béres Flatin soft-gelatine capsule takes effect exclusively physically, helping the evolving gas form tiny bubbles and thus, absorb fast from the intestines. It can be applied in every condition that involves the formation and accumulation of considerable quantities of flatus, such as:

  • flatulence, bloating, the sense of pressure fullness in the upper part of the abdomen,
  • increased swallowing of air,
  • increased gas formation following operations,
  • preparation for diagnostic imaging procedures (abdominal ultrasonic and X-ray examinations, etc.).

2. Important notes before taking Béres Flatin soft-gelatine capsule
Do not apply Béres Flatin soft-gelatine capsule in the case of hypersensitivity to any of the constituents of the preparation and below 6 years of age.

Pregnancy and lactation
The capsule can be taken during pregnancy and lactation.

The effects of the preparation on driving capabilities and capabilities of the operation of machines
It does not influence such capabilities in the recommended dose.

Interaction with medicines applied during the use of the preparation:
No interactions between Béres Flatin soft-gelatine capsule and other medicinal products are known.

3. How to apply Béres Flatin soft-gelatine capsule?
In the case of bloating and the sense of fullness:
Application frequency for adults and children over 6 years of age is 1 Béres Flatin soft-gelatine capsule 2-5 times per day.

Getting prepared for diagnostic imaging procedures (e.g.: X-ray or ultrasonic examinations): - On the day before the examination: 3 x 1 capsule, and 1 capsule in the morning of the examination.

Take the capsule after a meal or before going to bed. The preparation is worth taking until the symptoms cease. You can apply the preparation for a long time if necessary. The preparation does not contain sugar, so those suffering from diabetes can also take it.

If you took more Béres Flatin soft-gelatine capsules than prescribed
As simethicone is a completely neutral substance both chemically and physiologically, poisoning is practically impossible, even in the case of taking a high dose of Béres Flatin soft-gelatine capsules.

If you missed taking a Béres Flatin soft-gelatine capsule
Do not take the missed dose, go on applying the preparation in accordance with its usual application frequency.

4. Possible side effects
No side effects related to taking Béres Flatin soft-gelatine capsule have been observed. However, hypersensitivity to any of its constituents may rarely occur.

5. How to store Béres Flatin soft-gelatine capsule?
Keep the preparation out of reach of children! Store it below 25oC in a dry place.

Do not take the preparation after the expiry date printed on the side of the carton box and the side of the blister.

6. Additional information
What does Béres Flatin soft-gelatine capsule contain?

  • The main ingredient of the preparation: 80mg simethicone per capsule.
  • Other ingredients (capsule shell): gelatine, glycerine, quinoline yellow (E104)

What does Béres Flatin soft-gelatine capsule look like and what does the packaging contain?
25 yellow soft-gelatine capsules in a blister and a carton box.

Manufacturer and distributor: Béres Gyógyszergyár Zrt.
1037 Budapest, Mikoviny u. 2-4., www.beres.hu
Date of patient information leaflet: November 28, 2007.

Registration category:Medical device

For risks and side effects, please read the patient information leaflet or consult your doctor, pharmacist!

GOOD TO KNOW – Useful information prior to administration

Gluten-free - Suitability for people with coeliac disease

Lactose-free - Suitability for lactose intolerant people

Suitability for people with diabetes

Suitability for vegetariansComment: the material of the capsule contains gelatin of animal origin

Suitability for pregnant women and nursing mothers

Suitability for people with high blood pressure

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