Béres Antifront capsule

a treatment for weather sensitivity

Weather changes frequently cause complaints like headaches, dizziness or sleepiness. Some experience these unpleasant symptoms during travelling.
Béres Antifront is a unique preparation containing the extracts of various herbs efficacious in both preventing and easing already present symptoms.
Béres Antifront eases malaise caused by weather changes, the effects of weather fronts or travelling. It is available in two product formats, namely drops and capsules.

Pack size:
30 capsules

With this over-the-counter paramedicine, you can treat mild, passing symptoms without medical supervision. In the interest of the optimal effect however, it is essential that the preparation is administered carefully, according to the specifications.
Please keep the patient information leaflet, because you might need the information in it later on as well.
This preparation is a paramedicine. Its effect is verified by folk medicine and medical data.

What active substances does it contain?

  • 32 mg Yerba mate leaf (Mate fol.) dry extract (4-5:1)
  • 24 mg Ginger root-stock (Zingiberis rhiz.) 50% dry extract (4-8:1)
  • 18 mg Licorice root (Liquiritiae radix) dry extract (3-4:1)
  • 12 mg Lemon balm (Melissae fol.) 55-85% dry extract (4-6:1)
  • 3 mg Curcuma root-stock (Curcumae rhiz.) 54% dry extract (20-50:1) per capsule

What else does the preparation contain?
The capsule’s auxiliary materials: lactose-monohydrate (2 mg), maltodextrin, magnesium stearate, colloid silicon dioxide, microcrystalline cellulose, dicalcium phosphate, gelatine, yellow and black iron oxide (E172), indigo dye (E132), titanium dioxide (E171).

What is the preparation recommended for?
The preparation is recommended for preventing and easing symptoms arising during weather changes, frontal passages and travelling (e.g. sleepiness, concentration capacity disturbance, variation of blood pressure, malaise, dizziness, nausea, headache, joint pains).

When should you avoid taking this preparation?
Do not take the preparation if you are allergic to any of the active substances! Do not take the preparation in cases of diseases causing bile secretion disturbances (e.g. gallstone causing complaints and symptoms) and during alcoholism rehabilitation!

What do you need to know before taking it?
Béres Antifront© capsule can be administered even if you need medicinal treatment for your weather-sensitivity in cases of massive weather fronts.

Can you take the preparation with other medicines?
Yes, you can. No interactions with other medicines are known to date.

What should pregnant women and nursing mothers consider?
There is no sufficient data available about the way and safety of its application during pregnancy and lactation. Therefore, pregnant women and nursing mothers should not take the preparation!

How and when should you take the preparation?
The preparation is worth starting to apply at the time of the forecast of the meteorological front or immediately before travelling (for those who suffer from motion sickness), but at the latest when the first symptoms appear! If possible, take the drops dripped on a sugar cube or in a little liquid.

What is the recommended dose?
2x1 capsule per day for adults.

What side effects may the preparation have?
To date, no side effects are known when applied as recommended.

What else should you make sure during the application of the preparation?
In case your symptoms do not ease, get more frequent, or even more severe despite product application stop taking the capsule!

How long can you take the preparation?
Take the preparation until the symptoms persist.

How to store the preparation?
Store it below oC. Keep out of reach of children!

Pack size:
30 capsules

Registration category:Paramedicine

For risks and side effects, please read the patient information leaflet or consult your doctor, pharmacist!

GOOD TO KNOW – Useful information prior to administration

Gluten-free - Suitability for people with coeliac disease

Lactose-free - Suitability for lactose intolerant people

Suitability for people with diabetes

Suitability for vegetariansComment: The material of the capsule contains gelatin of animal origin

Suitability for pregnant women and nursing mothersComment: There is no sufficient data about the way and safety of taking the product during pregnancy and nursing. Pregnant women and nursing mothers are recommended to avoid taking the preparation!

Suitability for people with high blood pressure

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