Omega-3 soft-gelatine capsule

Chosen by your heart

Béres Healthpack - Omega-3 soft-gelatine capsule is a dietary supplement containing a high concentration of polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids.


Why do we recommend this preparation?
Polyunsaturated fatty acids contribute to the healthy functioning of the circulatory system (the cardiovascular system), to maintain the blood’s normal triglyceride and cholesterol levels, and facilitate the protection of normal blood pressure. A versatile and balanced diet contains sea fish that is a source of polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids beneficial for heart functioning. In our average nutrition, we cover only a fraction of our daily omega-3 requirement, so it is recommended to supplement our deficient diet with Omega-3 capsules.

In what cases is the preparation recommended?
In the case of imbalanced nutrition owing to the consumption of few foodstuffs of sea origin (e.g. fish).

Pack size:
60 soft-gelatine capsules

2 capsules per day for adults
The preparation may contain soy protein in traces.

Nutritional values in 2 capsules: energy 43.2 kJ (10.4 kcal), protein 0.24 g, carbohydrate 0.10 g, fat 1.00 g.

The active substance content of the daily intake (2 capsules)
Fat 1000 mg
of which  
Saturated fatty acid 60 mg
Monounsaturated fatty acid 160 mg
Polyunsaturated fatty acid 740 mg
of which  
Total omega-3 fatty acid 550 mg
of which  
EPA 280 mg
DHA 200 mg


Registration category:Dietary supplement

GOOD TO KNOW – Useful information prior to administration

Gluten-free - Suitability for people with coeliac disease

Lactose-free - Suitability for lactose intolerant people

Suitability for vegetariansComment: it contains fish oil, and the material of the capsule contains gelatin of animal origin

Suitability for pregnant women and nursing mothers

Suitability for people with high blood pressure

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