Béres Drops

Béres Drops oral solution drops - Natural booster for Your immune system

Actival product family

The team of scientific experts at Béres developed Actival multivitamin preparations taking the latest international recommendations into account.

Vitamin C products

You can choose from various Béres Vitamin C preparations with various active substance quantities to meet your vitamin C needs essential to maintain your health.

Porcerő product family

Béres Porcerő products are formulas for special medical purposes with composition adjusted to the special nutritional requirements of people suffering from joint diseases.

Szemerő products

Immun Herbal

It is a complex composition tablet with natural active substances; the immune-enhancing power of echinacea and ginseng.

Magnesium + B6 products

Due to its composition, 1 tablet a day is enough to prevent and treat magnesium deficiency.

Vitamin D3

The vitamin of the sun

Trinell Pro

it is a fast and efficacious pain relief for mild and moderate pains

Calcivid product family

ProBio product family

Complex protection with Béres ProBio products. Beneficial bacterial culture for the young and old members of the family.

Q 10 30 mg capsule

Q 10 preparation with a high active substance content for the increased energy production of the cells and the support of heart functioning

Koleszterin Kontroll

Koleszterin Kontroll film-coated tablet is a dietary supplement of concentrated active ingredients, 99.2% of which are plant sterols

Omega-3 soft-gelatine capsule

Omega-3 soft-gelatine capsule is a dietary supplement containing a high concentration of polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids.

Other preparations

Béres Pharmaceuticals with its long years of research tradition developed its Béres Healthpack product family in 2004.

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