New Béres production facility opened in Szolnok

2017. September 21.
Béres Pharmaceuticals nearly doubled its production capacities by means of an investment of HUF 3.2 billion. The project, necessitated by increasing domestic and export demand for Béres products and the need to extend production capacities, is realised with a 50% central grant which was guaranteed by a single governmental resolution. At the opening ceremony held on 21 September, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán also gave a speech.

The Szolnok investment is a good indication of the central strategy of Béres Pharmaceuticals which focuses on increasing sales and developing and launching new health care products. For more than two decades, the Szolnok facility of Béres Pharmaceuticals has been continuously developed and the value of investments, including the latest project, totalled at HUF 7 billion. The projects included real estate development, the development of machinery and assets, improving energy efficiency, realising environmental measures and the implementation of an integrated business management system. Previous investments were mainly realised from own resources, combined with all together HUF 296 million from national and EU funds. By the current HUF 3.2 billion investment, the size of the fully GMP certified production area has reached 3700 m2, while the production capacity has almost doubled and the storage capacity has been extended by 40% compared to the previous values.


More than two thirds of the products coming from the Szolnok facility are medicines, one quarter is given by dietary supplements and the rest by special medical foods. The strictest criteria of course apply to medicines; however, at Béres the very same requirements are used for products with a therapeutic effect that do not qualify as medicine regarding precision, production and quality control. Full compliance with national and international legal requirements, excellent conditions and procedures for production as well as storage and analysis and their continuous improvement guarantee the impeccable quality of Béres products coming from the Szolnok facility of Béres Pharmaceuticals.


“Our products are developed in Budapest, in our own modern development laboratory, while production is realised in Szolnok, again in our own pharmaceutical production facility of world class excellence. As the largest pharmaceutical production company with Hungarian ownership, we plough back our profit into value creating and value certain investments such as the new production department opened just now. As a result of this investment, Béres Pharmaceuticals Ltd. commits itself to maintain its Hungarian production facility in Szolnok on the long run.” Dr. József Béres, President of Béres Pharmaceuticals Ltd. emphasised in his speech at the ribbon cutting ceremony.


As a leader in the production and on the market of preventive and health care products, Béres Pharmaceuticals has been steadily developing since the Transition in Hungary. The company helps preserving the health of people first of all by means of its high quality preventive medicines and dietary supplements and offers better living and improved life quality via “Béres Quality”. Béres Pharmaceuticals has a product portfolio of more than 100 products in 230 different packages. The company has a 33% share of the Hungarian market of health care products. Béres products lead the market of immune boosters, complex multivitamin-mineral micronutrient products, Vitamin C and joint care products. 


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