Lourdes Stations of the Cross in Oradea

2017. October 05.
An exhibition presenting the famous marble statue complex “The Lourdes Way of the Cross” was opened on 4 October in the Fortress and City Museum of Oradea. The Lourdes Way of the Cross was sculpted by Maria de Faykod, a sculptor from France but of Hungarian origins and it is presented now to the audience of Oradea in the form of a unique photo exhibition. The exhibition is supported by Béres Foundation and was opened by László Böcskei, the Diocesan Bishop of Oradea. The opening ceremony was attended by Klára Béres, Chairwoman of Béres Foundation.

One of the most important Christian pilgrimage destinations is Lourdes, France and this is where the marble statue complex by Maria de Faykod, a sculptor from France but of Hungarian origins, depicting 17 Stations of the Cross is exhibited. The statue complex was erected in 2008 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Marian Apparitions of Lourdes. Since then, millions of pilgrims looking for a cure to their health problems have been helped by it. To advertise the power and mesmerizing beauty of the statues of the Way of the Cross to the broader public, the sculptor herself made photos of them. This unique exhibition, supported by Béres Foundation and now on display in Oradea, was organised to present these photos to the public. The exhibition From the Passion of Christ to the Resurrection carries an important message of the Lourdes Way of the Cross bringing faith, hope and love to us in an era when Europe is secularised and Christian values seem to be disappearing.


Klára Béres, Chairwoman of Béres Foundation says: “I had the chance to get personally convinced of the overwhelming power of the statues carved into hundreds of tons of snow white Carrara marble by Maria de Faykod. I will never forget the moment when, during our Lourdes pilgrimage, I caught sight of a young boy in a wheelchair touching the hand of Jesus at one of the Stations. I could see the fingers of the boy entwined with those made of stone, his lips trembling in silent prayer and his transfigured face and I knew then: this boy was not touching cold, lifeless marble but our Saviour living among us and brought to him by this compelling piece of art. That boy there could reach God, I am absolutely positive of this. It is a gift of destiny that I could make friends with the artist who created statues of such remarkable effect. I am glad we can present the Lourdes Way of the Cross to many people by means of these photos and I am glad the exhibition could be brought over the borders of Hungary for the first time to be presented here, in Oradea.


“The Fortress of Oradea, as the burial place of King Saint Ladislaus is known as the cradle of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Oradea. Since the renovation works finished in 2016, we have been able to emphasise the sacral relevance of the Fortress by means of various cultural events (exhibitions, concerts). We are pleased to host the photo exhibition of the Lourdes Way of the Cross at a place where, according to local tradition, our King Saint Ladislaus who was canonized 825 years ago founded a cathedral following a divine inspiration by the Holy Virgin” said László Böcskei, Diocesan Bishop of Oradea, at the opening ceremony.


Béres is a reputed brand name in Hungary, enjoying broad scale social acknowledgement. Not only the popular products of the pharmaceutical company are well known, but also their commitment to charity. The company still follows the path set by the founder, father of the current President and legendary inventor Dr. József Béres Senior. Always considering others and the willingness to help are included in the credo of the company. The charities of the company have been coordinated by the Béres Foundation since 1993. Béres Foundation’s most significant donations are related to medical care, but the Foundation also supports education, talent development, the distribution of Hungarian culture and also places emphasis on the protection and support of universal values regardless of borders. The Foundation’s donations are received by those in need from Oradea to Târgu Mureș, from Vojvodina to Carpathian Ruthenia, from Chernobyl to Hawaii.


After Esztergom, Pécs, Máriapócs, Székesfehérvár and Pannonhalma, the unique exhibition is now taken across the border for the first time. The exhibition is opened between 4 October and 3 November 2017 in the Fortress and City Museum of Oradea (39-41 Emanuil Gojdu Square, Oradea, Romania 410001).


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