Foundation stone for the new Béres production facility laid

2016. April 25.
Béres Pharmaceuticals is realising the largest investment of its history of more than two decades in Szolnok, Hungary. The investment of HUF 3.2 billion incudes the construction of a new plant and the expansion of the capacity of the logistics centre. The foundation stone of the new building was laid by Dr. József Béres, President of Béres Pharmaceuticals, Dr. Zsolt Bischof, Plant Manager of the Szolnok production facility and Ferenc Szalay, the Mayor of Szolnok.

Since its foundation in 1989, Béres Foundation has become the largest pharmaceutical production company with Hungarian ownership, as a result of continuous development. With its 32% market share, Béres is considered a leader on the market of preventive and health care products. Béres products are creditable and have a high reputation. Béres Drops is the first health care product to be declared a “Hungaricum”.


The Szolnok production facility was bought by the company in 1995. The value of real estate, machine and asset development activities has totalled HUF 3.3 billion thus far. The number of staff in the Szolnok facility has grown from the initial 64 to 238, rendering Béres Pharmaceuticals Ltd. the tenth largest private employer in Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County.


The new investment was motivated by the demand for Béres products. At its current production capacity, the company is no longer able to meet market demands. However, Béres is committed to produce its products in Hungary, utilising Hungarian knowledge, development results and labour. In the framework of the HUF 3.2 billion Szolnok based project, Béres Pharmaceuticals extends the area of its production facility and logistics centre by 1640 m2 and 800 m2, respectively. The project also includes infrastructure development and will create 60 new jobs. The investment is realised with a 50% central grant which was guaranteed by a single governmental resolution.


“Our aim is to produce world class products that can help people preserve their health. These should be produced in premium quality and marketed in an ethical way. At the moment, we sell more than 70 types of products and many of them are market leaders. The development of the company has reached a stage, where the demand for its products can only be met by constructing a new production plant and a warehouse” Dr. József Béres said at the foundation stone laying ceremony. “We are very grateful for the support of the Hungarian Government, as we could not have realised an investment of this magnitude from our own resources. We believe the investment will pay off for the Government, too” he added.


As a result of this investment, Béres Pharmaceuticals Ltd. commits itself to maintain its Hungarian production facility in Szolnok on the long run. While the company still considers Hungary as its most important market, the investment will serve as a base for its dynamically expanding export activities.


“By his work, my father planted a tree that could hold on, grow its roots and eventually bring its fruits. Today, it is our task to plant trees. We have to follow the good example of those walking ahead us, our predecessors and ancestors, with honour, dignity and diligence. And this is no small task” Dr. József Béres finished his welcome speech.


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