Curie Chemistry Competition with the support of Béres Pharmaceuticals

2019. May 13.
The Curie Foundation organized the national finals of the chemistry and environmental protection competition on 10–11 May 2019 in Szolnok where more than 300 students had the chance to demonstrate their knowledge. The main sponsor of the competition was Béres Pharmaceuticals.

The chemistry competition which was launched three decades ago from Szolnok has developed into a national contest which is joined now year after year by students from across the border as well. The competition, which bears the name of Madame Curie, is organized by the Curie Foundation established since then.


 Béres Pharmaceuticals are committed to talent promotion, therefore in the 2018/2019 schoolyear they joined the initiative as the key sponsor. The company assisted the conducting of the Curie Chemistry Competition and awarded well-performing students baskets of Béres products.


On the professional day before the competition, the students and their teachers had the opportunity to become acquainted with the quality control laboratory of Béres Pharmaceuticals in Szolnok and to visit the museum commemorating the inventor Dr. József Béres Sr. that is situated at the Szolnok site of Béres Pharmaceuticals.


On 11 May, at the ceremonial hall of the city hall, among others, Ferenc Szalay, the mayor of Szolnok, Dr. József Béres and Klára Béres greeted the finalists of the National Curie Chemistry Competition. At the festive event, certificates of appreciation of Béres Pharmaceuticals was awarded to Ms. Ferencné Kondor, a teacher from Szolnok and Ms. Lászlóné Sütő, a teacher from Budapest who, by decades of commitment to their work, helped the organization of the Curie Chemistry Competition and the preparation of the students.


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