Consumers confirmed Béres Quality

2017. September 14.
Regarding the products that boost the immune system, Hungarian customers experience the best price-to-quality ratio in the case of Béres dietary supplements, as proven by the results of a representative survey conducted in January 2017.

In the Best Buy survey by Switzerland-based ICERTIAS (International Certification Association GmbH), respondents were asked to select those products available on the Hungarian market that represent excellent quality combined with good price i.e. the products with a favourable price to quality ratio. According to the results, Béres products were selected as the best ones among dietary supplements, in the category of immune boosters. We asked Ferenc Major, CEO of Béres Pharmaceuticals about the Award.


What does the Best Price-Quality Ratio Award mean to you?


I am very pleased of course, as such feedbacks on the success of our quality policy are extremely important. The survey provided insight into the personal experiences and satisfaction of our customers and the status of the market as they see it. Our most important objective has always been to provide people with premium quality health care products. While medicines should comply with the strictest rules, the official regulation of dietary supplements is unfortunately very tolerant and easily evaded. We go well beyond the compulsory procedure and produce our dietary supplements with exactly the same precision as our medicinal products, applying the same production and quality control criteria. It has a price of course. And price is an important factor, as we all know. This is why we are so glad that consumers think our products are actually worth the money they pay for them. Consumers get the very best quality at the very best price from Béres.


Best Buy Award 

Best Buy questionnaire surveys are performed every second year in 20 countries. Survey results are considered as representative regarding the users of particular products. The last Best Buy survey in Hungary was conducted at the beginning of 2017, with the participation of 1200 respondents. Participants were asked to name the best brands answering open ended questions. The aim of the Best Buy Award is to help consumers who wish to buy premium quality products at the best prices.

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