Béres helps tens of thousands of needy people

2017. November 30.
This year too, Béres Foundation will help the needy by donating a significant amount of pharmaceutical products. Beneficiaries will receive the donated immune boosters, which have a market value of more than 50 million forints, by Christmas.

“Only those things add value to life

that advance the cause of the people.”

- writer Sándor Márai.


For many years now, Béres Gyógyszergyár has been aiding the needy by donating immunostimulants to them in the period before Christmas, which is the cold and flu “high season”. The primary beneficiaries are elderly and sick people and disadvantaged families. This year, 50 million forints worth of Béres Drops were donated; the donation was handed over by Klára Béres, President of the Béres Foundation, to the leaders of charitable organisations directly assisting disadvantaged people. The Hungarian Catholic Mission and Charity, the Hungarian Charity Service Association of the Order of Malta, the Hungarian Ecumenical Aid Organisation, the Hungarian Red Cross, “Life for Years” – Hungarian Association of Pensioners’ Clubs and The Elderly, and the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid have been long-standing allies of Béres in aid delivery.


(In the picture from left to right: Mariann Váradi; Specialist Executive for Health Development of the Hungarian Red Cross; Dr. József Béres, President of Béres Gyógyszergyár; Father Imre Kozma, President of the Hungarian Charity Service Association of the Order of Malta; Klára Béres, President of the Béres Foundation; Dr. Éva Hegyesiné Orsós, President of “Life for Years” – Hungarian Association of Pensioners’ Clubs and The Elderly; Réka Kőrösi-Gilicze, Communications Manager of the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid; Judit Újlaky, Associate of the Hungarian Ecumenical Aid Organisation; and Father Gábor Écsy, Director of the Hungarian Catholic Mission and Charity.)


“Since its establishment, Béres Foundation has considered it a very important mission to support the poor and needy. This organisation is rooted in Béres Drops; our focus is on health promotion and the prevention of diseases. It is self-evident that the most important aids of Béres Foundation are granted in the field of public health,” said President Klára Béres. “For those who are now receiving our donations through charitable organisations, the daily subsistence is often a problem, as thus they would be unable to purchase these products for themselves. As we approach Advent, we consider it even more important to turn to the poor, because most of these people are also lonely and isolated. In terms of health (sickness), beyond doubt, they are the most vulnerable group. This immunostimulant, together with our attention and care directed towards them, promote their recovery both physically and mentally. That is why our Christmas gift can mean so much to them.”


Major product donations of Béres Foundation in 2017:

  • February: 50 million forints worth of Béres Drops for cancer patients in connection with the World Cancer Day;
  • April: Donation of 20 million forints worth of Béres Drops for the inpatients of the Buda Hospital of the Hospitaller Order of Saint John of God;
  • May: cooperation with the Central Hungary Regional Blood Supply Centre to provide iron replacement for blood donors suffering from iron deficiency using our “Iron Vital” preparation;
  • June: participation in the health screening of Hungarians living in Transylvania (Romania) in cooperation with the Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County Local Government and the Hetényi Géza County Hospital; Béres product donations for the needy.



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