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2009. February 06.
Memorial room for Dr József Béres Sr.

A memorial room was opened for the creator of Béres Drops, Dr. József Béres Sr. for his birthday at the Szolnok plant of Béres Pharmaceuticals. The researcher holding a Széchenyi Prize would have been 89 years old on 7 February.

2008. August 27.
Our latest product, the Porcerő Forte film-coated tablet

Taking consumer demands and Hungarian requirements into consideration, we developed Béres Healthpack Porcerő Forte film-coated tablet, which new preparation replaces our Béres Healthpack - Porcerő tablet. Porcerő Forte film-coated tablet has a more modern composition, a higher active substance content and an easier-to-use product format to satisfy consumer demands.

2008. May 20.
The Béres pharmaceutical plant in Szolnok

At present, 50 Béres products are being produced in the Szolnok plant of Béres Pharmaceuticals which company – being exclusively in Hungarian ownership – is the market leader regarding the production and distribution of products for health protection and disease prevention on the Hungarian market.

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