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2017. September 21.
New Béres production facility opened in Szolnok

New Béres production facility opened in Szolnok Béres Pharmaceuticals nearly doubled its production capacities by means of an investment of HUF 3.2 billion. The project, necessitated by increasing domestic and export demand for Béres products and the need to extend production capacities, is realised with a 50% central grant which was guaranteed by a single governmental resolution. At the opening ceremony held on 21 September, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán also gave a speech.

2017. September 14.
Consumers confirmed Béres Quality

Consumers confirmed Béres Quality Regarding the products that boost the immune system, Hungarian customers experience the best price-to-quality ratio in the case of Béres dietary supplements, as proven by the results of a representative survey conducted in January 2017.


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