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Health protection is one of the most important responsibilities of our times. This is why we created our Health protection, disease prevention column, where everyone can find the health protective products that suit their health problem or their age. Our intention is to help choose the most appropriate Béres product and to bring you closer to the recognition of how much you yourself can do to protect your health.

Children’s health protection

The foundation of a healthy adult life is a healthy childhood. The child’s permanent, intense growth and development is impossible without vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Studies indicate that a regrettably high number of Hungarian children do not consume necessary quantities of these vital nutrients. Béres products developed for national requirements in particular may help your child’s appropriate physical and mental development.


Preventing respiratory diseases among children

It is common knowledge that children going to communities fall ill with respiratory infections the most frequently. The main reason for this is that children’s immune system develops for as long as about 11 years of age, in other words, their defence capacity lags behind the defence capacities of adults. Vitamins, minerals and trace elements are essential for the appropriate functioning of the immune system. Béres products contain these in a balanced composition:


Health problems of the older generation

The number of elderly people in the society is on the increase, which tendency will steadily continue. In the past, old age was one with ill health, nearly continual health problems, as a result of which old people’s quality of life usually significantly fell behind the optimal level. However, there is a chance to improve health late in life, and it is still not late to start prevention. A balanced diet, regular physical exercises in the form of a daily walk and renouncing harmful habits are extremely important. Among the Béres products below, nearly everyone belonging to the older generation may find some that improve their health condition and thus can contribute to a full life.



In our modern, urbanised environment, our organism is exposed to a number of harmful factors (e.g. environmental pollution, UV-radiation, household chemicals and chemicals in foodstuffs). Some of these harmful factors pose a threat to our health via the increased load of free radicals. The Béres product below may support the functioning of the organism’s own anti free radical (antioxidant) defence.


Musculoskeletal disorders

The most frequent conditions of musculoskeletal disorders are joint cartilage wear and osteoporosis, the special public health significance of which results from not only their high incidence rate but also their extremely unfavourable effect on the quality of life. This is the reason why the prevention of these diseases is very important from the respects of both the individual and the society. The two most important elements of prevention are regular physical exercise at all ages of life and the intake of substances essential for bone formation in adequate quantities. The following Béres products may contribute to the fulfilment of these objectives.


Women’s problems

In our times, owing to changed social roles, women have more responsibilities; they need to live up to requirements in various fields of life every day. It is common knowledge that trace elements and minerals play considerable roles in the treatment of the unpleasant symptoms of problems frequently affecting women’s lives, like the premenstrual syndrome or the menopause. The following Béres products may provide support for the functioning of the female organism at the different stages of life.

Recommended for athletes

One of the most important elements of health protection is regular physical exercise available to nearly everyone. Physical exercise has beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system, the immune system, the musculoskeletal system, the nervous system and it also makes people balanced in the psychological sense. Intense physical activity however, goes hand in hand with an increased requirement for nutrients. With the following Béres products, on the one hand, deficiency states can be prevented; on the other hand, useful nutrients can be taken that help us go on with our active lifestyle.


Weight normalisation

In the developed countries of the world, including Hungary, diet-related diseases (mainly excessive calorie intake) have extremely disadvantageous effects on the health condition of the population. 2/3 of the male and half of the female population in Hungary are overweight and it is common knowledge that obesity is often accompanied by cardiovascular and other metabolism-related diseases, such as diabetes. To stay healthy at the time of a slimming diet, it is essential to include vitamins and minerals into our diet. These substances have no effect on weight, because they contain no energy for the organism, however, if we do not provide the adequate quantity of them, deficiency states might emerge. The following Béres products may help regaining and maintaining your appropriate body weight.


Recommended for those with eye problems

„I cherish it like the apple of my eye“ goes the familiar saying. This folk wisdom tells us everything about the importance of our vision. The latest studies find that the ageing of the eye is caused by the light reaching the eye via its harmful effect of oxidative stress (free radicals). According to clinical trials, the regular consumption of particular nutrients can slow this ageing process


Cardiovascular diseases

Cardiovascular diseases are among the leading causes of death in Hungary too (its incidence rate is three times higher than the European average!), even though leading a proper lifestyle could significantly reduce its number. The most important risk factors of cardiovascular diseases are smoking, hypertension, diabetes and a high cholesterol level. By the eliminating of these risk factors, the incidence rate of cardiovascular diseases can be reduced considerably.


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