Our programme Béres for Hungarian Culture calls the attention to the importance of preserving Hungarian cultural values and to the artists and programmes promoting this goal.


For more than 20 years now, the list of artists receiving our support included (but has not been limited to) the sculptor Maria de Faykod, the wood carving artist Ferenc Nagy, the violin player Miklós Szenthelyi, the composer László Dubrovay, the singer Irén Lovász, Zoltán Zsikó and his band, the Szent Efrém Men’s Choir, the Csillagszemű dance group, the Bartók Choir, the Cédrus Foundation, the performance Tolcsvay Trilogy, the pianist Endre Hegedűs, the textile artist Anna Kubinyi, the Szolnok Symphonic Orchestra and the Duna Dance Group. We also provided support for the creation of the Himnusz (Anthem) statue and the Maria statue planned to be erected on the southern ‘Kortina’ wall of Buda Castle.


We supported the very popular folk music and folk dance talent scout programme Fölszállott a páva (The Peacock Took Wing) of the Duna television channel. We also commemorated the Day of Hungarian Songs by a music performance composed according to József Béres’s song book Szép magyar ének (Beautiful Hungarian Song) at the venue Óbudai Társaskör.


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