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In 2016, the entire ticket revenue of the show staged in cooperation with Újszínház was offered by Béres Foundation to the Bone Marrow Transplantation Department of the Miskolc County Hospital. The Bone Marrow Transplantation Department treats children with leukaemia and other cancers. It performs bone marrow (stem cell) transplantations and cell therapy for patients from all over Hungary. There are only two hospital departments like this in the country and one of them is located in the Miskolc County Hospital.


At the Charity Evening of Béres Foundation, visitors watched the play Béres, staged by Újszínház. The entire ticket revenue of the show was offered by the Foundation for the purchase of a cell separator machine.




“Life is the only thing worth fighting for so we have to fight for it” quoted Klára Béres, President of the 20-year-old Béres Foundation, the thoughts of Dr. József Béres Senior at the beginning of our charity evening organised to help children with cancer. The entire revenue of the extremely successful event was donated to the Children’s Clinic of Tűzoltó Street so that they can develop the infrastructure of their new Intensive Care Unit by purchasing modern life saving equipment. The donation certification was given by Klára Béres to Dr. András Szabó, Director of the Clinic.




Our charity evening traditionally organised to help cancer patients was held on 14 May this year. The entire revenue of the concert was donated to the National Institute of Oncology. From this money, the Institute could purchase special beds that ease the suffering of patients who are tortured by severe pain.





Unlike in previous years, our charity concert was organised in Szolnok this year. The entire ticket revenue was offered to the Municipality of Szolnok. The town used our donation to realise its cervical cancer prevention programme for young girls.




Our sixth charity concert was also the celebration of the 15th anniversary of the Béres Foundation. The world-famous Csillagszemű Dance Group also with a past of 15 years performed at the event, organised on April 26, 2008. The concert was held to support the Paediatric Ward No.1 of the Semmelweis University.


We organised our fifth jubilee charity concert on May 5, 2007. The power of years behind us gave solemnity to the event. This time we supported the Mental Rehabilitation Home for Children with Cancer in Bakonyszűcs which institution has great achievements but frequently suffers from severe problems of operation. The Home provides psychological and social care to children directed here by oncology centres of hospitals. The Home is one of the 11 centres in Hungary treating children with tumour diseases.



Our fourth charity concert was organised on March 4, 2006 at the Institute for Italian Culture in Budapest for the benefit of the Paediatric Oncoheamatological and Bone Marrow Transplantation Ward of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County Hospital. The income of the concert was assigned to a stem cell counter essential for the diagnostics of types of leukaemia and bone marrow transplantation surgeries.



We organised a charity concert for the third time on May 28, 2005, at the Academy of Music. The total income of the concert was offered to Géza Hetényi County Hospital in Szolnok. We purchased a gamma-camera necessary for the treatment of patients with breast cancer. The gamma-camera reaching almost 10 million HUF in value was the first such device in the county. The medical device of great significance was handed over with due solemnity to the hospital in September 2005.


Experiencing the power of solidarity, we organised another charity concert on June 12, 2004, the beneficiary of which was the Oncological Ward of the Paediatric Clinic in Szeged. With the construction of a new, separate ward, the staff there had been fighting for appropriate circumstances to help the recovery of children from tumour diseases. The income of the concert and the donation by Béres Pharmaceuticals added up to 15 million HUF that was given by the foundation for the construction of the new ward, which we could inaugurate as soon as three months after the concert in September, 2004.


We organised our first charity concert on June 20, 2003 for the reconstruction of the Oncoheamatology Ward of the Paediatric Clinic in Pécs. The reconstruction of the 70-year old building of the Oncohaematology Ward had already been delayed for 10 years owing to the lack of financial means. Béres Foundation pledged the sum of 15 million HUF collected from the income of the greatly successful concert and from Béres Pharmaceuticals’ donation for the reconstruction of the Oncohaematology Ward of the Paediatric Clinic in Pécs. Now seriously ill children coming from Baranya, Tolna, Somogy and Zala counties can recover from their diseases in a calm environment and doctors can work among more modern circumstances.

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