Charities across the border

Béres Foundation considers supporting Hungarian people living across the border just as important. We contributed to the publication of the periodical CÉH which focuses on the vital issues of Hungarian people all around the world, supported the Csillagocska Foundation, the Csibészek Foundation, the Godparents for the Csángó Hungarian Association, the evangelist community of Purcăreni, the Kallós Zoltán Foundation of Răscruci, the Upper Hungary Enrolment Programme of the Rákóczi Association and the Kárpátok Öröksége Foundation.


Altogether near 20 million forints were donated in the form of products to our Hungarian brothers and sisters in need, living in Transylvania and Carpathian Ruthenia.


Thanks to the initiative of György Hábel from the Order of Vitéz and his enthusiastic perseverance, the song book Szép magyar ének (Beautiful Hungarian Songs) by József Béres could be delivered to 1200 Hungarian schools and nursery schools across the border, supported by the Hungarian Cultural Fund and Béres Foundation and with the contribution of the Rákóczi Association and the World Federation of Hungarians.


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