Béres Foundation

"If you are asked for help and you can actually help, it is your duty to help.”

(A teaching by the mother of Dr. József Béres Sr.)


Caring for others and the intention to help were the pillars of Dr. József Béres Senior’s approach to life and they were adopted by Béres Foundation, which was founded in 1989. The Foundation has always been eager to support those who turned to them for help. In 1993, another foundation was founded under the name Béres Alapítvány a Teljes Életért (Béres Foundation For a Full Life). Béres Foundation’s most significant donations are related to medical care, but the Foundation also supports education, talent development, the distribution of Hungarian culture and also places emphasis on the protection and support of universal values.


Since its foundation:

  • Béres Foundation has donated more than 2 million Béres products to those in need,
  • the value of its donations has exceeded HUF 2 billion,
  • the Foundation has provided financial support in the value of more than HUF 300 million,
  • has established contact with more than 2500 NGOs,
  • and has cooperated with more than 3000 doctors.


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