In Short

On Béres Pharmaceuticals in short:

  • a family-owned Hungarian company,
  • the market leader in the production and distribution of health protection products,
  • in the spirit of the motto "For healthy people", during the product development stage, it strives to
    use natural ingredients and minimise side effects,
  • in the spirit of its Founder's efforts, it carries out conscious development and innovative work:
    at present it distributes nearly 50 products, it has marketing authorisations for additional products
    to be launched onto the market, and a number of its products are in the licensing phase,
  • it has a world standard manufacturing capacity
    meeting the requirements of international quality assurance systems,
  • it is active in the social sphere and frequently supports national health,
    cultural, charitable and church objectives,
  • it respects business ethics and also expects its staff to do so,
  • it reinvests its earnings into national developments and the creation of new jobs,
  • in its communication activity, it pays close attention not only to the popularisation of its own products,
    but also to the education on a healthy lifestyle,
  • in every field it can rely on the expertise and work of its highly trained and
    experienced staff.

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