The story of Béres is inseparable from scientific research, as the several decades of systematic trace element related physiological and biochemical researches by Dr. József Sr., as well as the drops created as their synthesis having become famous later, opened the road leading to the establishment of the company. When established, the primary objective of the company was to develop its only product, Béres Drops into a medicine. Our most important objective was achieved in 2000: with the completion of the registration process (following its registration in several other countries), Béres Drops received its marketing authorisation as an OTC product from the National Institute of Pharmacy.

In the years following the establishment of Béres, the expansion of the product portfolio became of urging importance with preparations serving health protection, as well as the prevention and curing of diseases, thus ensuring a higher-quality life.

This intention required the setup of a professional research and development base, the main task of which is the development of excellent-quality, modern medicinal and paramedicinal products, dietary supplements and also medicinal products for veterinary use (including the completion of necessary laboratory, factory developments and experiments), as well as their official registration both in Hungary and abroad. In addition to product development, our researchers strive to play an active role in scientific life, represented by our lectures given in professional events and publications released in the past years.

Béres Pharmaceuticals opened its modern development laboratory in 2004 located in the company's headquarters in District III. In the laboratory completed with an investment of 180 million HUF, 20 researchers are working on the development of 33 products. Intense product development is characterised by the fact that in addition to current Béres products, a number of new ones are under development.

Similarly to current products, our future preparations combine innovation, sound scientific foundations and reliable quality that have always characterised Béres.



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