Quality on the highest level - a new production unit was opened by Béres

2018. September 25.
A new production unit was opened by Hungary’s significant pharmaceutical company at its site in Szolnok. Within the project, Béres Pharmaceuticals has expanded its R+D basis and its quality control laboratory providing the full quality supply of the ever-growing production. In addition, a production area serving for the manufacturing of new products was also established. Viktor Orbán, Prime Minister of Hungary gave a speech at the opening ceremony which took place on 25 September.


The latest project is another milestone of the high-profile development of Béres Pharmaceuticals initiated three years ago, which, among others, was necessary in order for the R+D and quality control to keep up with the increasing potential and the significant expansion of the production capacity. This reflects the vision of Béres according to which the production with state-of-the-art technology is able to produce products which are innovative and compliant with the requirements or even better products of extraordinary quality exclusively with the help of skilled professionals and a modern test laboratory.



The production facility of Szolnok has been operating for 23 years. During this period, taking into account the latest project, the investment of more than 10 billion forints took place with the development of properties, machines and tools, energy saving and environmental investments and the implementation of an integrated company management system. Within the latest project a state-of-the-art quality control laboratory, meeting the highest expectations was established with the transformation of a 2.500 m2 plant out of use; the R+D basis was expanded and a production area providing the production conditions for new products was established. The cost of the project was 3.2 billion forints to which the Ministry of National Economy (today: Ministry of Finance) contributed within its Large Enterprise Investment Grant Programme with 1.3 billion direct grant. Within the project 37 new jobs were created which means that the initial 64-member personnel locally employed increased to more than 300.


“From the very beginning the name Béres goes hand in hand with quality, science, reliability, authenticity and social responsibility. Thanks to our high-standard, fair business work, today Béres Pharmaceuticals is the biggest pharmaceutical company in Hungary owned by a family, an important company in the Hungarian pharmaceutical market and a market leader in the health-preserving market. The basic principle of our quality policy is to create products of the most perfect quality and the fullest safety. For this reason, Béres Pharmaceuticals undertakes more than it is legally required during the production of its products as Béres Quality is not only about being sufficient but being extraordinary” – emphasized Dr. József Béres, President of Béres Pharmaceuticals in his speech.



To Béres Pharmaceuticals producing the highest quality and safe products does not only mean that it intends to comply with the rules: it is a mission of priority in every moment of the production. It is guaranteed by strict quality assurance and tests carried out in modern quality control laboratories that every Béres product contains the active substances indicated on the package in the appropriate quantity and quality, and that the products provide the fullest available safety.


The portfolio of Béres Pharmaceuticals includes 105 different products in 225 different packages. Their market share on the health-preserving market is 34%. Béres offers market-leading products on the market of immune system strengthening products, complex multivitamin, mineral, and trace element products, on the vitamin C and eye vitamins market and in the segment of products for joint problems.


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