Pro Urbe Budapest Award for József Béres

2014. November 17.
On the 141th anniversary of the unification of Buda, Óbuda and Pest on 17 November, István Tarlós mayor of Budapest handed over the Pro Urbe Budapest Award to Dr. József Béres president of Béres Pharmaceuticals – celebrating the 25th anniversary of its establishment – for his outstanding and altruistic support and service in the fields of health care, education and culture.

Dr. József Béres started his career as a chemist. He gave up his academic career owing to a moral drive when Béres Pharmaceuticals was established, so that standing by his father and offering his knowledge and commitment he could facilitate the acceptance of Dr. József Béres Sr.’s famous invention Béres Drops.

His studies guided the president of the Hungarian company – established in the year of the political transition – to Budapest where he lives and works ever since. 100 employees work in the company’s headquarters in District III, and a staff of more than 120 work in the phytopharmaceuticals wholesale branch of the company, namely Béres Healthstore Ltd. in District XV.

Being a committed advocate of social responsibility Dr. József Béres has been using the opportunities offered by his successful business activity since the foundation of the company, including the support of numerous health care, educational, church and cultural institutions serving the citizens of Budapest.


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