Help on World Cancer Day

2018. February 01.
In connection with the World Cancer Day, the Béres Foundation donated more than 30 million forints worth of Béres Drops to support the recovery of cancer patients. The donation was handed over by Klára Béres, President of the Béres Foundation, to Prof. Dr. Miklós Kásler, Executive Medical Director of the Hungarian Institute of Oncology, and to the leaders of the country’s most important cancer patient support and advocacy organisations during a meeting held in the Hungarian Institute of Oncology.

One of the most important pillars of the extensive social activity of Béres Foundation is to promote health, to improve health awareness, to explore the possibilities of disease prevention, and to facilitate the recovery of patients. Throughout its 25 years of work, the support of cancer patients has always been of great importance.


The World Cancer Day provides an awareness-raising framework for joint efforts aimed to combat the disease and to provide mental and physical support to patients. Béres Foundation’s many years of experience indicates that attentive love, sympathy and pharmacological immune system enhancement can be of great help to those suffering from this serious disease. With this conviction, every year, the Foundation is making donations of Béres Drops to the needy through nationwide organisations of physicians and patients. Dr. József Béres Sr., the creator of Béres Drops, was deeply involved in the combat against cancer. The legendary inventor recognised the role of certain trace elements in the metabolic processes of the body, and the fact that they were indispensable for the proper functioning of the immune system. It is now generally accepted that these vital substances play a significant role in preventing and overcoming the development of malignant tumours. Dr. József Béres Sr. recognised this connection almost half a century ago, through the consistent study of the external and internal conditions of human life, but today, when the human body faces ever-increasing challenges, his achievements are more topical than ever before.


“We all know that man, as a living creature, is an inseparable part of nature. His viability, survival and health have always been dependent on his adaptation to the environment. With the spread of civilisation, this highly sensitive and fragile equilibrium is in ever-increasing danger. In many cases, our bodies are unable to keep up with the constantly changing external factors, and we become sick. It is important to consciously and jointly combat diseases using all the available means, and grabbing every possible opportunity. Unfortunately, cancer is still one of the top causes for death. Bearing in mind József Béres’ researches and achievements, we are confident that with our donation of pharmaceutical products will provide effective help in combating this serious disease,” stressed Klára Béres, President of the Béres Foundation, during the press conference held at the Institute of Oncology.


On behalf of the Hungarian Institute of Oncology, Executive Medical Director Prof. Dr. Miklós Kásler thanked the Béres Foundation for its support.


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