Béres Prize for contribution to Szolnok’s culture

2018. January 22.
Acknowledging the high quality, both domestically and internationally renowned, artistic and cultural activities which have been carried out in Szolnok for several decades, Béres Gyógyszergyár has established a new prize to recognise young artists and artistic or cultural associations associated with the town.

The “Béres Prize for Contribution to Szolnok’s Culture” can be awarded to individuals and communities related to the town of Szolnok who have done and are doing a lot to nurture and preserve Hungarian arts and culture in this region. This prize is intended to recognise young artists who are committed to nurturing Hungarian culture, preserving local traditions and passing them on to new generations.


Károly Hoffer was the first person to be awarded with the “Béres Prize for Contribution to Szolnok’s Culture” in 2018. Thanks to his dedication and unbroken commitment to folk dance and folk music, by now, his name is synonymous with folk dance teaching in Szolnok. Owing to his high level of professional work, hundreds of young people and adults have become fond of and learnt one of our most beautiful national treasures, namely Hungarian folk dance. The prize was awarded by Dr. József Béres, President of Béres Pharmaceuticals Ltd., and his wife, Klára Béres.


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