Béres Foundation made a donation of Béres Drops in the value of HUF 50 million to cancer patients

2017. February 02.
Marking World Cancer Day, Béres Foundation made a donation of Béres Drops in the value of HUF 50 million to promote the recovery of cancer patients. The donation was presented by Klára Béres, President of Béres Foundation at the meeting organised in the National Institute of Oncology on 2 February, to Prof. Dr. Miklós Kásler, Director and Medical Director of the National Institute of Oncology, as well as to leaders of the most prominent organisations of cancer patients.

One of the most important pillars of Béres Foundation’s broad scale social activities is its work for the protection of health by developing health awareness, finding ways to prevent illnesses and promoting the recovery of patients. In this work, supporting cancer patients is particularly emphasised. World Cancer Day is a good opportunity to draw attention to the need for cooperation in finding ways to battle cancer and to provide physical and mental help for the patients. According to Béres Foundation’s several years of experience, cancer patients benefit a lot from love, attention, compassion and the strengthening of the immune system by medical products. This is why Béres Drops donations are presented every year to those in need, through doctors and national organisations of patients. The work of Dr. József Béres Senior, the inventor of Béres Drops, was strongly linked to the fight against cancer. The legendary inventor discovered the role of certain micronutrients in the metabolic processes of the human body and their essential contribution to the proper operation of the immune system. Now it is widely accepted that these essential elements have a significant role in preventing and treating cancer. This relationship was realised by Dr. József Béres Senior almost half a century ago, by consistent studies of the internal and external factors that control human life. Today, in a world where living organisms have to face increasingly tough challenges, his results are more relevant than ever.


“We all know that human beings, as living organisms, are essentially part of nature. Their longevity, survival and health always depended on the success of environmental adaptation. With the prevalence of civilisation, this very sensitive and vulnerable balance has been increasingly threatened. In many cases, our body cannot keep up with the accelerating changes of the external factors and it results in illnesses. It is important to use every option and opportunity to fight illnesses together, in a conscious fashion. As for cancer, the situation is rather grievous unfortunately, cancer still being one of the leading causes of death. Bearing the research and results of József Béres in mind, we are convinced we can provide efficient help by our donation for fighting this severe illness” Klára Béres, President of Béres Foundation emphasised, at the press conference held in the Institute of Oncology. Aon behalf of the National Institute of Oncology, Prof. Dr. Miklós Kásler, Director and Medical Director of the Institute said thanks to Béres Foundation for their support.


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