Béres – the 25-year-old success story

2014. September 26.
Béres Phramaceuticals, the largest pharmaceuticals company in Hungarian ownership in Hungary celebrates its 25th anniversary. A new factory unit was inagurated in Szolnok and a gala evening was organised in Budapest in honour of the quarter-century anniversary. In the festive programme, Mihály Varga minister of national economy greeted Béres Pharmaceuticals being the 8th company established following the political transition in August 1989. The company producing a single product at the time of its establishment offers more than 70 products today and is the market leader with a share of 35% on the Hungarian health protection market.

A clear sign of this development is that Béres started out as small enterprise with 10 employees when it was established in 1989, and today it has a staff of nearly 500. With its 25 years of tradition it has turned into a company group with an example to follow: it facilitates health protection with world class products and supports people in need through its foundations.

„Our mission is to have thoughts that are good and true: act in harmony with nature and in the interest of man, heal without doing harm, justify your statements through social and national responsibility, hard work, as well as ethically and materially useful actions. I believe I can express everything in these few words. These words involve my father’s magnificient invention, the starting point, namely Béres Drops, and the numerous products that evolved from it, which we developed and marketed in these 25 years. These words also involve our 25 years of hard work dedicated to those we are responsible for: the people living here, our nation” – pointed out Dr. József Béres president of Béres Pharmaceuticals in his festive speech on 26 September in Budapest on the 25th anniversary event organised in MOM Cultural Centre.

Mihály Varga minister of national economy emphasised in his speech at this event that the development of innovative industries capable of producing competitive products is essential to Hungary. The Government continues to support those Hungarian companies that hold their grounds in the local and international competition, therefore special attention will be paid to this aspect in the following budgetary term of the EU. He also reminded people that Dr. József Béres Sr. was one of those charismatic persons who have worthily become the icons of the Hungarian nation through their honest conviction, belief and altruism.



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