Herbals Glossary

Herbals Glossary


Ginseng is an efficacious anti-inflammatory
Researchers of a Hong Kong university found that the ancient Chinese plant, ginseng is an efficacious anti-inflammatory, owing to its active substances’ effect on the immune system, namely ginsenosides extracted from the root. Owing to its numerous ways of application in folk medicine, ginseng – also called as a miracle root – does not only invigorate the immune system but also influences blood sugar level, brain function and memory, which fields of applications however have not yet been sufficiently confirmed by clinical studies.


Echinacea, against flu
Echinacea or coneflower was applied first by the Indians to treat wounds, burns, snake-bites and insect-bites. A number of researchers also noticed its beneficial effect, and initiated numerous studies to find out even more about the herb’s fields of application. According to a clinical study, the herb shortens the full duration of the disease caused by viral infections by 3.8 days on average, and the symptoms caused by the disease are also eased significantly quicker. Several studies have shown that an echinacea therapy applied at the early stages of upper respiratory tract infections successfully facilitates quick healing.

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